Loren Lahav Signs Publishing Deal with Author Publishing

Published on October 8, 2019

Loren Lahav, Author International Speaker, and Proud Mom, has signed a publishing deal with Author’s Publishing for a book scheduled to be released in October 2019.

Author, International Speaker, and Proud Mom Loren Lahav recently signed an agreement with Author Publishing to publish her new book The Courage to Raise a Gentleman: Building the Foundation of an Extraordinary Life for Self, Family and Humanity.

In her latest book, Lahav shares the lessons from different perspectives, backgrounds, and lifestyles that are used to teach kids the characteristics and qualities of being a gentleman.

Lahav states, “To raise a gentleman, YOU have to do what you want your boys to grow up to be, you can’t blame it on the school system, technology, or this generation. It is our responsibility to have more awareness, to catch our boys doing things right and to acknowledge them when they do, and to keep acknowledging them, ALWAYS.”

“Lahav had several options on the table, so we are very excited that she decided to sign with us. Lahav is the real deal and this book will, without a doubt, become the go-to guide for parents that want to raise their sons as gentlemen that make a positive impact in life,” said Ann McIndoo, Co-founder of Author Publishing.

Author Publishing specializes in publishing personal development and business books meant for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals.

Lahav’s book will be available for purchase on Amazon.com and through other national book retailers beginning in October 2019.

About Loren Lahav

Loren Lahav is a dynamic trendshaper who is unwavering in her resolve to Stay True to how she chooses to live her life and leave her imprint on others. She is consistently switched on, especially when it comes to delivering her message to others from the front of the room, no matter the size of the audience.

Loren’s leadership and business triumphs are a testament to her obsession with creating value. She has built explosive teams in 25 countries and she is a real estate investor and property owner throughout the United States.

Loren has been a keynote speaker for many signature events, has been featured in multiple publications and on talk shows, and has authored three books which have been translated into three languages and distributed worldwide.

For more information about Loren Lahav, visit https://lorenlahav.com/about/

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