Lori Wilk Has The Recipe For Success With Successipes

Published on December 17, 2014

Helping clients market their businesses online and beyond, Lori Wilk is the "Princess of Curation".

Entrepreneurial strategist Lori Wilk of Successipes (www.loriwilk.com) helps business owners expand and define their online presence, yielding more return and greater success.

“I am an international connector, creative marketer, motivational speaker and broadcaster,” Wilk says. “I connect business people on all levels from entrepreneurs at the idea stage to successful companies bringing in billions.”

Using her diverse array of talents and professional experience, Wilk is able to lead entrepreneurs through the unsure waters of online marketing to help them establish an online presence and push their brand out to greater markets. In addition, Wilk uses her background in motivational speaking, marketing and as a broadcaster to work more traditional promotional angles for a comprehensive marketing push that covers all bases.

Working with Wilk clients can expect to: expand their reach, improve their influence, and gain national and international media exposure through broadcasting, social media, internet marketing, creative writing and live events.

Known as the “Princess of Curation”, Wilk wields her special brand of marketing magic to benefit her clients and bring them greater success than they previously thought possible.

“I have inspired and educated entrepreneurs to take ideas and make them happen,” Wilk says.

As an executive producer for BYLNetwork.com, Wilk has used her considerable talents to push marketing messages that are close to her heart.

“I helped Rosemarie Rossetti, a spinal-cord injury survivor, to share her message with the world about Universal Design and how people of all abilities or disabilities should be able to live and enjoy their homes and work space,” Wilk says. “Rosemarie’s Universal Design Living Lab, a national demonstration home and garden, was a BYLNetwork.com Feature of Week.”

In addition, Wilk takes her moniker as the “Princess of Curation” seriously, showing dedication to her clients and a commitment to helping them succeed.

“As the ‘Princess of Curation’, I successfully lead an online nation of thought leaders, visionaries, and passionate entrepreneurs,” Wilk says. “I put them in a spotlight and share their messages with the world.”

For more information about Lori Wilk or Succesipes, visit www.loriwilk.com.

Company Name: Successipes
Contact Person: Lori Wilk
Email: lori@loriwilk.com
Phone: (702) 823-6460
Country: United States
Website: http://www.loriwilk.com