Loving Heart Editor for Millennials Samantha Richardson Helps Make Dream of Silver Linings Storybook a Reality

Published on January 27, 2016

Australian expat writer and editor, Samantha Richardson, is working to help millennials who have a story, but very little support, to craft and write their message for publishing.

Established as a local writing coach, Richardson is launching anew storytelling book Silver Linings Storybook with partner organization, Canadian-based Social Sparkle & Shine’s lead and professional book publisher, Debbie Horovitch.

Silver Linings Storybook is a collection of stories co-authored, similar to international classic bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul. The book is her next opportunity to support isolated and at risk youth, and also establish her business with a signature book series of her best editing and storytelling work.

Richardson relates personally to the challenges faced by LGBTQ youth who aren’t getting the proper personal support. “I don’t want anymore teens to suffer like I did. I’m sick of seeing news reports of yet another trans suicide or murder, another gay teen kicked out of home and made to feel lesser than because they were just being authentically themselves. It’s important to me that positive queer stories are shared widely, because I never had that. Those stories give hope to those who need it most.”

She began sharing her own experiences with depression in the book Manifesting a New Life: Money, Love, Health and Everything In Between, compiled by Patricia Leblanc, a Toronto based professional speaker, bestselling book author and Law of Attraction coach. Manifesting a New Life helped Richardson become a bestselling book author herself in early 2016.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is supporting and participating in livestream events associated with #BellLetsTalk activities and has remained active in supporting LGBTQ2 rights throughout his election campaign activities and now in the leadership office.

Trans actor and advocate, Laverne Cox, gives a voice to the daily suffering of people who feel they can’t be themselves. “Some days I wake up and it’s like I’m eight years old again. And I’m scared for my life and I don’t know if I’m going to be beaten up that day. I don’t know what mood my mom’s going to be in. That’s intense. But luckily I have tools. I have amazing therapy. And I have support now. I can reach out and talk to people.”

Richardson’s efforts to support those who are in need echo those of pop singer, Lady Gaga, who established the ‘Born This Way Foundation’ to support LGBTQ youth in crisis. “I’ve suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life, I still suffer with it every single day. I just want these kids to know that that depth that they feel as human beings is normal.”

As a professional writer and editor Richardson is focusing on sharing the messages of Millennials to traditional audiences, helping youth entrepreneurs establish their credibility immediately with an impactful personal branding book or co-author opportunity.

Gail Fullarton, co-author of Manifesting a New Life says “Samantha helped edit my first published piece. Her comments and style of coaching helped me find my own voice. Her encouragement also made sure I completed it on time, to raving reviews. Finding that special person who can be supportive, inspirational, and committed to your success is key, and Sam is a remarkable editor to be able to do all this and more.”

“She has a great grasp on language, seeing structure and flow of a composition, and did a wonderful job rearranging my thoughts so that others would understand them as well.” added Laura Ghedina, a holistic health coach in Easton PA. “Her comments helped me see where I could improve my writing skills, which is particularly important because English is not my native language. Another thing I loved was that she was aware of my “voice” and how I write. So her edits were in the same tone, vocabulary etc. This made her editing feel very respectful, and I felt seen and heard with my voice.”

Anyone who contacts her on social media using #BellLetsTalk can apply for a complimentary professional storytelling and book writing consultation through her website www.LovingHeartEditor.com

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