Making Major Moves in the Marketplace Host Ed Bracey Interviews Former Triathlete and Cancer Survivor Valerie Larsen

Published on October 31, 2017

Former triathlete and marathon runner Valerie Larsen was the guest in a recent episode of Making Major Moves in the Marketplace radio show on the Business Innovators Radio. A cancer survivor, Valerie discussed how she works as a social entrepreneur to help individuals embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Business development veteran Ed Bracey recently had the pleasure of welcoming Valerie Larsen as the special guest for Business Innovators Radio’s popular show Making Major Moves in the Marketplace. Ed is also the producer of this radio show that interviews some of today’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs.

A former triathlete and marathon runner, Valerie Larsen received a shocking diagnosis of cancer while living an active, healthy lifestyle. After her recovery, the focus of her life has shifted entirely on sharing wisdom and precautions that can help avoid cancer and save people’s lives from exposure to hazardous elements. During the interview, Valerie spoke about why and how she shares her message with so much passion while building her business using education. She also explained her social media presence and how she reaches out to people that need help.

“I am saving Americans one family at a time. With a company called Pure Haven, I help educate other people as to how to read the back of their product label for shampoo, lotion, cleaning products, and discover how many chemicals and toxins are hidden in their everyday lives and in their homes,” Valerie said.

Ed Bracey started his career in the field of sales and went on to become a business development and coaching expert with over three decades of experience. Making Major Moves in the Marketplace was launched recently by him as a platform to inspire women achieve their dreams by sharing the secrets of today’s most accomplished social entrepreneurs. The show is produced by Synergy of Empowered Women, a women’s empowerment platform founded by Ed to provide coaching to the aspiring business owners of the future.

The entire episode of Making Moves in the Marketplace featuring Valerie Larsen can be heard at

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About Ed Bracey: A lifelong volunteer, Ed Bracey has over 32 years Business Development Experience. After graduation from The Citadel, Ed served this country as an officer in the Marine Corps overseas and stateside. Beginning a sales career, Ed led sales teams locally, nationally and internationally. After founding synergy of Empowered women, Ed supported this cause with his own funds. Due to recent nationwide expansion, fund raising has begun to ensure our causes to empower women are fully funded.

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