Making Major Moves in the Marketplace Host Ed Bracey Interviews Innovation and Marketing Specialist Kia Bonaparte

Published on February 13, 2018

Distinguished small business marketing consultant Kia Bonaparte was the valued guest at a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio’s popular show Making Major Moves in the Marketplace. This show is a production of Synergy of Empowered Women, a women empowerment platform run by the show host and experienced business coaching expert Ed Bracey.

Kia Bonaparte, an innovation and marketing specialist with a highly unusual background, attended a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio’s widely followed show Making Major Moves in the Marketplace as the special guest. Through her company Bonaparte Think Tank, Kia helps businesses get recognized and known throughout their community. During the interview with the show host Ed Bracey, Kia discussed her systematic approach to business marketing that has already delivered great results for many of her clients.

Kia Bonaparte holds degrees in Environmental Engineering and Interior Design, and has over fifteen years of experience in sales and marketing. She strongly believes that this unusual background has been instrumental in providing the essence of her business acumen.

“Because I do have an Environmental Engineering degree and Interior Design degree, plus fifteen-plus years in sales and marketing, what I do with my clients is we sit down and we have a consultation that generally takes about an hour,” Kia said. “In that first hour, we talk about anything and everything. So, we are talking about their family, we are talking about their life, we are talking about their business.”

Bonaparte Think Tank works with business owners or corporate management and marketing teams to help increase profits, hire new employees, grow revenue, increase cash flow, and much more. All these and many other insightful topics were discussed during the interview with Ed Bracey.

Beyond an extremely demanding profession, Kia has a fabulous personal life with a wonderful husband and four amazing children. Always eager to help children find a forever home and see families flourish, Kia has adopted two of her children.

The host of Making Major Moves in the Marketplace Ed Bracey is an experienced business development expert dedicated to women empowerment via business coaching. Through his mentoring platform Synergy of Empowered Women, he helps women achieve their entrepreneurial goals. The radio show Making Major Moves in the Marketplace is a part of this initiative where the listeners are inspired to follow the footsteps of the eminent guests.

The entire episode of the show with Kia Bonaparte is available at

About Ed Bracey: A lifelong volunteer, Ed Bracey has over 32 years Business Development Experience.  After graduation from The Citadel, Ed served this country as an officer in the Marine Corps overseas and stateside.  Beginning a sales career, Ed led sales teams locally, nationally and internationally.  After founding Synergy of Empowered women, Ed supported this cause with his own funds.  Due to recent nationwide expansion, fund raising has begun to ensure our causes to empower women are fully funded.

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