Marit Stormark, Author of Reinvented: 8 Steps Women Over 50 Make a Fresh Start, Gives Back by offering Those in Need a Free Consultation For a Limited Time Through Her Website.

Published on July 18, 2018

Marit Stormark is giving back by offering a Free Consultation through her Website to celebrate the imminent release of her new book, Reinvented: 8 Steps Women Over 50 Make A Fresh Start. A journey started after losing a job that was her entire life.

Marit Stormark regained control of her life after a devastating job loss and wants others to do the same, by helping them gain self-confidence and boost their self image so they, too, can live fulfilled, happy and successful lives. That is the idea behind her new book, Reinvented: 8 Steps Women Over 50 Make A Fresh Start, which will be launching soon through her website. The book is an excellent resource for anyone trying to reinvent his or her life after a great upheaval.

As a speaker and life coach, Stormark draws on her experiences to share her lessons and advice to others who are struggling. Reinvented: 8 Steps Women Over 50 Make A Fresh Start is a candid look at what it took to come back from depression and heartache and regain control over her own destiny.  

According to Stormark, “No matter how your past has been, you have the freedom to look forward, to create your future. What matters is where you are now and where you want to go. Looking back, people who have been through rough times in their lives find that tragedy is sometimes the best thing that could happen to them. Through the hard times, they learned things of great value that have enriched their life. It has made them stronger, more confident, and happier. Leave your past behind and be the architect of your own future!

For a limited time, Stormark is offering a free life coaching consultation through her website, Information on her upcoming book launch will also be available to visitors to her website.

About Marit Stormark: Marit Stormark is an author, speaker, and life coach consultant who has used her own methods to recover from a job loss late in life. As a post-50 woman who was able to come back from this terrible problem, she offers advice to others who are also struggling.

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