Mark Jacobsma, Realtor at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Published on January 2, 2023

Mark Jacobsma discusses why treating people with empathy and giving value is so important to him as a realtor.

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As a Realtor, treating people with care and empathy is essential. It is also vital to give value and results in advance. Showing the customer that a Realtor can be trusted by providing them with reliable information about the local market, understanding their needs, and being honest will show them that they are dealing with someone who cares about their well-being. Being reliable doesn’t mean just following through on promises; it also means respecting a client’s time.

Being responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable can help to establish a strong rapport between the realtor and the customer. Making sure to arrive on time for appointments or meetings, responding promptly when contacted, and keeping clients informed of any potential delays or changes in plans is essential. Furthermore, realtors should demonstrate that they have a good knowledge of the local property market so that they can build trust with potential customers as they will know that they know their business.

It is important to remember that customers are not only looking for someone who can buy or sell property; they also want someone who understands their unique needs and will ensure those needs are met. Being empathetic and understanding will show the customer that their realtor cares about them, which will help build a lasting relationship founded on trust.

In summary, treating people with care and empathy and giving value and results in advance are essential qualities of a successful realtor. This will not only help realtors to close deals, but it will also foster lasting relationships that are beneficial for both parties. With this in mind, realtors may be able to develop their businesses even further.

Mark says: “I want to serve as many families and individuals as possible. To open a door for someone that thought it could never be opened is the best feeling in the world… because I know what it feels like to have had someone open a door for me.”


About Mark Jacobsma

Mark is a licensed REALTOR in the state of Colorado serving in Denver and the greater Denver communities. Mark understands the challenges that can present inside of a real estate transaction and helps his clients navigate those waters as a true advocate to those he serves. He believes strongly that luxury is a service, not a price point, and makes it his mission to deliver the highest quality of service. When you talk with Mark, you will quickly see that his life passion is helping people. Connecting people is Mark’s true gift and he uses that attribute to connect his clients to real estate.

Mark is often recognized by his peers and his colleagues for his straight-forward and honest approach. When it comes to market trends, Mark analyzes the ins and outs of not just his local market, but nationally as well. Mark has established deep real estate connections throughout many major US cities, making his ability to help anyone, anywhere. His creativity, hard work ethic, and positive mindset has helped Mark become a leader and top producer in the Denver real estate market. Mark fully embraces the LIV Sotheby’s brand and continually conveys the value Sotheby’s offers to his clients.

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