Mark Stephen Pooler Launches Brilliance Speaker Program for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Business Leaders

Published on January 11, 2019

A new 12-week program for entrepreneurs and business leaders helps fast-track their path to successful public speaking engagements through the inspirational coaching expertise of Mark Stephen Pooler.

Pooler created the Brilliance Speaker Program to give participants tools, tips, and support to help them supercharge their confidence, create keynote presentations, guide development of self-hosted events and secure more speaking opportunities. Pooler is, himself, an internationally sought-after speaker, author and coach focused on helping entrepreneurs create a mindset for success through self-leadership and transformation. And he practices what he preaches.


Pooler turned a tragic past that involved being bullied, drug addiction and low self-esteem into a successful career where he now strives to help others find their voice and reach their personal and business goals.


“Public speaking is one of the biggest fears of business leaders. Yet it is an essential skill,” said Pooler. “When you cannot communicate effectively to a group, you limit your opportunities, erode customer confidence and hurt your own self-esteem. However, when you are able to tackle that fear, you open the doors to countless opportunities both professionally and personally.”


“I have seen firsthand how even one effective speaking engagement can transform a business. I am passionate about empowering businessmen and women to tell their story and get past their self-doubt and fears so they can boost their income and sense of self-worth.”


Pooler’s clients are quick to reinforce the positive effect he has had on their businesses.


Entrepreneur Michelle Richards calls him “an inspirational speaker that everyone…is guaranteed to relate to in some way.”  Likewise, Will Polston, founder of Make It Happen & The Elite Network and Safaraz Ali, founder of Pathway2Grow and author of Canny Bites echo that sentiment based on their own experiences with Pooler.

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