Mark Triplett and Troy Westendorf Interviewed About Their 2022 Best of Ankeny Award

Published on November 1, 2022

Folks seeking financial planning and investment advice from a fee-based client-first fiduciary advisor may engage with Triplett Wealth Management, a division of the Triplett-Westendorf Financial Group. These folks would pay an annual fee deducted quarterly from their accounts and receive conflict-free investment advice about their securities investments like equities (stocks for example), fixed income (bonds, for example), and any other securities-related investments.

Folks who are a good fit for this engagement might feel good knowing that their advisor receives no commission or financial incentive to recommend one investment over another and that our firm does well financially when they do well.

Folks seeking this type of relationship pay a fee based on the assets managed within their plan. The fee covers the fiduciary management of market-based investments within their portfolio, as well as the ongoing maintenance of their personalized PT5 Written Retirement Income Plan designed to guide them to and through their very own vision of a successful retirement.

Triplett & Westendorf say, “We are immensely honored to be selected for this award. We believe every financial product is a tool. Each tool was designed to perform a specific job. Some tools are better quality or perform their intended job better than others. Freedom to choose the appropriate tool based on quality and effectiveness at getting the job done is important to our team. Sometimes insurance products like life insurance, fixed annuities, or long-term care insurance may be the right tool for the job. However, they are not all created equal, and specific manufacturers of these contracts are better at certain things than others.”

Mark and Troy continued, “We’ll likely introduce you to strategies that other financial firms won’t. That is because they either don’t understand them or don’t align with their firm’s financial objectives. It’s our belief that your retirement savings should be maximized for your benefit, not ours or our company’s. You deserve clarity, transparency, and the comfort of owning an income stream that will last as long as you do regardless of economic conditions.”

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 About the Triplett Westendorf Financial Group

 The Triplett Westendorf Financial Group specializes in working with professionals, as well as those individuals at or nearing retirement. Their clients appreciate quality education and demand a firm that places a high value on proper planning. Helping them grow their wealth is one thing; turning it into income the right way is another. Using the PT5 Planning Process, the Triplett-Westendorf Purpose and Timeline 5 Step Planning Process (PT5) begins with Discovery. Understanding where they are now, and then defining where they want to go (Purpose) and when they want to get there (Timeline), programs their financial GPS. 

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