Marketing Expert and Canine Advocate, Lori Taylor, Educates to Save the Lives of Dogs

Published on July 28, 2014

Canine advocate and marketing expert, Lori Taylor, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, where she discussed rarely talked about problems with the dog food industry, as well as the healthy dog food solution she created.

As a marketing expert, Lori Taylor knows how to spread the word about something. After losing a beloved dog to cancer, she has made it her mission to spread the word and to educate dog owners about the quality of the dog food they are feeding their pets, as well as the regulations or lack of regulations in the pet food industry.

Taylor says, “Most standard dog foods are the equivalent of fast food for dogs.” She believes that if people are made aware that they are feeding their pets food products which are unhealthy, they would make an effort to find a better alternative to feed them. She wants people to be able to make an educated choice as to what they buy to feed their pets.

The pet food industry is operating under scant regulations which were created years ago for the animal industry which focused on human consumption. The focus was to fatten the animals quickly for slaughter. This strategy is not appropriate for the current culture where people consider their pets to be family or at the very least, dear friends. The preference for these pets would be to have a long, healthy life.

Taylor shares details about the current percentages and types of food products that are allowed in pet foods, as well as the standards in the industry. She finds these standards to be lacking and promoting poor quality foods. Further, the pricing for the same food products can be arbitrary, often dependent on words, such as “premium” or “gourmet.”

She acknowledges that some pet food manufacturers are trying to do better by removing certain ingredients, but they are not necessarily sharing what they’re substituting for the removed items. Further, dogs are still closely related to their wolf ancestors and, as such, are preferentially meat eaters, as opposed to other animals that prefer grains or vegetables. Since meat is the most expensive ingredient, it is provided in the smallest quantity and usually of a poor quality.

Lori Taylor’s company, TruDog, creates healthy alternatives to traditional dog food. She explains her search for a healthier food and the benefits of feeding your pets the right types of food. Furthermore, the DNA of dogs and humans is similar. As a result, her company, TruDog, contributes a portion of sales towards canine cancer research in the hopes of attaining a cure for cancer – both for humans and for pets.

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