Marketing Strategist and Book Shepherd, Diana M. Needham, Interviewed on Today’s Business (WCHL-Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Published on August 10, 2016

Diana M. Needham, marketing strategist and book shepherd, recently shared on Today’s Business Show, how coaches, consultants, and speakers can grow their businesses and position themselves as industry authorities by writing a powerful book.

Getting started writing a book is a challenge for most authors, regardless of industry, especially the first one. Confusion, frustration, and lack of direction can derail the dream of being a successful published author.

The tragic truth is that if the author makes it through the self-publishing process, on average, only fifty seven copies are actually sold, primarily to friends and family. This is clearly not the result coaches, speakers, and consultants want or seek, since the purpose of their book is not only to get their message out to a wide audience, but also to use the book as strategic marketing tool.

Diana M. Needham, a highly experienced business coach and marketing strategist, has made it her mission to change this situation. Serving as the “book shepherd” for authors through the marketing planning, publishing, and launching processes, Needham has witnessed first-hand the confusion, misinformation, and overwhelm most authors experience on this journey.

“The top key mistake aspiring authors make is to not clearly think through the marketing strategy at the beginning of the writing process. Unless you are clear on ‘why’ you are writing the book, who your ideal client and reader are, and the biggest problem that the book will solve, your book will not be as targeted or yield the tangible results you want,” Needham shares.

In most cases, authors have a very powerful ‘why’ behind writing the book, which is a key connecting factor to their readers. Identifying and harnessing that powerful story is one of the initial steps in the process Needham shared with the show host, Sharon A. Hill.

On the interview, Needham shares the top questions to answer at the very beginning of the writing process to build the foundation for a powerful and successful book that yields the positioning and business growth results the author wants.

Listen to the entire interview here. 

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About Diana M. Needham

In 2008 Diana M. Needham left the corporate world and founded Needham Business Consulting to fulfill a dream and mission. While marketing strategy is a key discipline, the authors and aspiring authors who work with her know her as the ‘Book Shepherd.’

Needham’s primary focus is to help first-time self-published authors become Amazon bestselling authorities in their field. Shepherding clients’ books, providing hands on guidance through the publishing and launch processes, and serving as both a mentor and partner, are key components of the offerings.

Needham is a self-published author of two bestsellers – The Authority Mindset and 17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income, the creator of the Leverage Your Message program, a professional speaker, marketing strategist, business coach, and journalist for Small Business Trendsetters.

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