Marketing Superstar, Juliana Garcia, Helps Aspiring Women Build Their Dream Business

Published on December 22, 2014

Juliana Garcia, who successfully launched companies in two countries, is now a business coach in high demand worldwide. Her coaching service is tailored to help women build a business of their dreams.

On January 19th, Garcia will launch a new online instructional program called “Vision to Creation” at Her two-month course provides training, coaching and expert support to help aspiring women in business turn their dreams into reality – and avoid many of the common distractions and frustrations that prevent many aspiring entrepreneurs from succeeding. 

“Many people don’t see what’s possible, and they think creating a business is so hard,” said Garcia. “It is hard, it is challenging, but there are always possibilities. We navigate this path together with our students.”

Her journey started with a deep desire to escape the doldrums of her corporate life. This led to the creation of her own software company, which she eventually found uninspiring, as it lacked alignment with her true passion.

Garcia decided to surround herself with other conscious entrepreneurs, which led her to discovering her true passion of helping women in business. She realized that many business resources were male-focused. Though values like hard work and discipline are universal, she discovered that women sometimes need different motivations and assistance.

So Garcia helped design courses through Successful Start School especially for women.

“The women we’re trying to help have high aspirations and know what they want but are scared because they don’t know where to start,” Garcia said. “They know there’s something bigger and better out there and they need someone to tell them how to build and execute a plan to achieve their goals.”

“Vision to Creation” begins by helping students get complete clarity by defining their purpose and blocking out common fears that limit their vision. The coaches then help students with the tactical specifics such as creating a defined business plan, identifying their target customers, and driving the right traffic to their product or service.

Garcia’s program includes guest experts with diverse skill sets, which help her students achieve “speed to results,” one of her core philosophies around having an agile mindset of taking fast and consistent action to reach a desired result.

“We have taken everything we know, collected the best experts in various skills, and combined it into this course,” she said. “It’s not only what we know but we bring in amazing people that are experts in diverse and often overlooked topics such as social media marketing, harnessing self-worth, and creating behaviors that break through procrastination.”

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