Martial Artists Tell Their Stories and Top Amazon Charts

Martial Artists Tell Their Stories and Top Amazon Charts

On Friday, May 25th a group of martial arts instructors from Personal Mastery Martial Arts in Sandy, Utah launched a book chronicling their life in martial arts.

The book, titled My Quest for Personal Mastery, tells the individual stories of how martial arts has changed the lives of its authors and also of how they have positively impacted their local community over the years.

Through time the group of instructors has been instrumental in teaching personal empowerment and confidence concepts like anti-bullying, self defense, daily life skills lessons and much more.   These incredible people have taught literally thousands of children and adults in the Sandy area.

They have also been personally responsible for leading charity efforts that have raised well over $200,000 in money, toys, clothes, food and more in their community.

Brett Lechtenberg, Owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts, says, “In this modern era of video games, texting and Facebook, so many young people have become complacent, unfocused, and have lost the ability to communicate effectively, let alone think critically.”

In this book, you will find a group of young people who have embraced today’s technology and faced numerous life challenges. Even so, this group learned how to improve their focus, magnify their communication skills, and think outside the box; all while simultaneously leaving a positive impact on the world regardless of what distractions may have been going on around them or what challenges may have faced them in life.”

The release of their new book coincides with all authors testing for various ranks of black belt, on June 3.   Three of them are testing for the rank of Master Instructor. 

Chris Hill, mother of two of the authors, Marissa and Kim, as well as three other black belts said, “It is exciting to see my children excel and become empowered in the martial arts and now become best selling authors as well. “ 

“I want to give a big thank you to everyone who bought the book. You helped me reach my goal, and for that I am very thankful,” expounded Taylor Davie. 

For more information about this group of authors, contact or call 801-947-1010

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Back row:  Teresa Lechtenberg, Brittany Alleman Ayers, Alex Peters, Dalton Lechtenberg, Brett Lechtenberg

Front row: Taylor Davie, Bree Wise, Kim Hill, Marissa Hill.

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