Master Coach Kelly Campbell Launches Two New Programs Teaching Professionals the Secret to Monetizing Their Expertise

Master Coach Kelly Campbell Launches Two New Programs Teaching Professionals the Secret to Monetizing Their Expertise

Kelly Campbell, known for her self-improvement reinvention dares, is launching two new programs: “Dare To Becoming A Paid Speaker in 90 Days” and the “90-Day Get Your Book Done Dare.”

Kelly Campbell remembers the day her life changed so clearly.

“Someone showed me that I had everything I needed to design the life I wanted. I thought I had limits, that I was stuck in a certain space, that it might take too much or cost too much to reinvent myself. Then one day it finally clicked and I realized that I can make my life exactly what I want it to be.”

Since that day, Campbell has spent her life becoming that eye opener for other people who, just like she was, are in doubt about flipping the script on their lives.

Today, Campbell is a teacher, a best-selling author, a master coach, a motivational speaker, and the owner of Exit Strategies, a business that helps people monetize their expertise.

“I work with authors, speakers, and professionals who have a passion or expertise and want to turn that passion into an income stream.  This income stream often takes the form of an informational product, coaching program, or a best-selling book,” explains Campbell.

In this way, Kelly Campbell is the gift that keeps on giving. She was shown the light about her potential to lead others, and does so by helping them become coaches and leaders who can continue the circle of inspiration.

One such program Campbell created for achieving this is her wildly-successful Dare the Impossible program.

Dare the Impossible is for middle-aged women that feel stuck in their lives, be it personally or professionally. “They’re just in a space where they want to reinvent themselves and maybe they’re thinking that that’s not something that they can do because of family obligations, career obligations, or some imagined obstacle that we need to move out of their way,” Campbell explains.

This program is personal to Campbell, as she struggled through all the same emotions and roadblocks she helps her customers conquer.

“One of the things I thought ‘impossible’ was getting my first book done,” remembers Campbell. “I just did not think that was doable with the craziness that was my life at that time. Once I set my mind to the task, I was actually able to finish that book in less than a month.”

Not only did she finish the book, it became a best-seller.

The Working Girl’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses: Lessons on Overcoming Fear, Funding Your Dreams and Daring to Live a Life You Love,” reached #1 in the Women in Business for New Releases category on Amazon.

After she smashed one “impossible,” she went on to write two more books within six months, and is now working on a fourth titled, “Truth and Dare,” which is based on the Dare the Impossible program, and will challenge readers to smash their beliefs about what is possible in their lives and what they can create.

Certainly, a major part of Campbell’s success is that she is her client.

Recalling her fear while trying to write her first book, she says: “I thought it was impossible until it wasn’t. We don’t even know what we’re capable of.”

This success in the publishing world led Campbell to create what she calls her favorite project right now: The 90-Day Get Your Book Done Dare.

“I dare you to get your book done in 90 days,” she says. “I can show you how to do it.” 

In addition to the 90-day book writing dare, Campbell is also launching a new program daring entrepreneurs and employees to become a paid speaker. 

“So many people have a desire to become a public speaker, but it is also one of the greatest fears people have. So I dare people to smash public speaking and join my program, Dare To Becoming A Paid Speaker in 90 Days.”

Why is Kelly Campbell so focused on daring people to smash through their boundaries?

It’s simply the way she’s always been, Campbell explains. “I took a personality test as a girl that came back and said all these great things, but it said that my weakness is that I have no perception of my limitations. I took that weakness and made it my strength.”

Quoting the late Muhammad Ali, Campbell says: “Impossible is not a fact.”  In Fact, She Dares You To Smash It! 

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Kelly Campbell is a master coach, best-selling author, and motivational speaker empowering experts in their field such as authors, speakers, professionals, to turn their passion into profit by monetizing their expertise, establishing themselves as an authority, and creating additional income streams with information products, programs, and services. Through her personal story of triumph and life changing Dare the Impossible business and life mastery trainings, Kelly has established herself as a game-changer who smashes the perceptions of what is possible and gives individuals the power, insight, and strategy necessary to achieve their goals.

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