Meetrz, An App Delivering The New Frontier of Human Interaction, Offering PreLaunch Accounts To Media

Published on April 24, 2017

Sean Whalen of Lions Not Sheep is launching a new app aimed at becoming the anti-LinkedIn, and the villain of social media. Meetrz will offer networking in the real world, real time with other users nearby.

Entrepreneur, Investor and Founder of Lions Not Sheep is launching a groundbreaking app he developed this spring.  Aimed at becoming the anti-LinkedIn, where users have bloated connection lists that they will never leverage, Meetrz will offer networking in the real world, real time with other users nearby.

Whalen and Meetrz aim to be the villains of social media.  

“Meetrz is like that rogue wild child that breaks all the rules. I want to punch social media right in the face.  All social media apps have these algorithms trying to connect you to ‘like minded’ people. They are robotic. They are slow.  Meetrz is instantaneous, organic and real vs. a computer telling you who to like or network with. This is a complete revolution in how human beings do business,” explains Whalen.

When business networking is truly about meeting new people and not just a trick to get a quick sale, it becomes a lifestyle. Meeting new and motivating  people, in the real world, on a regular basis is the key to a more meaningful, fulfilling, healthy existence.

Meetrz flips the script on the bloated profiles on all other social media networks. First, Meetrz only has one small profile picture. Then just 3 other piece of information: ‘What you do’, ‘What you like to do’ and ‘What you are looking for’.  

The idea came to Whalen when he realized that most business owners have experienced a random occurrence where they meet someone that turns out to be a very valuable business connection.  He created Meetrz to create those random occurrences on demand. 

“Let’s say an entrepreneur is in LAX, and has four hours before their flight leaves. Entrepreneurs and business leaders don’t want downtime. They want to constantly network and grow. So they can flip on Meetrz and see who is live and wants to meet right now. You see no other users. This is about instant, in person connections, real time connections and what Meetrz shows you is who is ready to meet right here, right now,” said Whalen.

Sean Whalen is the unapologetically direct CEO of the internationally renowned coaching and consulting company LIONS NOT SHEEP. His social media videos and posts have been viewed over 310,000,000 times and every day tens of thousands of people across social media view his messages on politics, business, life, fitness, and family.  Sean coaches and consults with entrepreneurs and corporations all across the planet on their social media marketing, branding and strategies. Sean is also an active and sought out public and motivational speaker and has spoken with sports teams, schools, sales organizations, executive management teams and military groups.

The Meetrz app is taking prelaunch applications from verified media journalists. To be considered, please email   

Company Name: Authority Media Group, LLC
Contact Person: Rachel Allen
Phone: 7132421662
Country: United States