Melinda Stallings, America’s Leading Authority on Positive Conflict Resolution, To Hold “The Power Of Positive Conflict Resolution” Event on September 9th – 10th, 2019 in New Orleans

Published on August 12, 2019

Melinda Stallings is the CEO of Melinda Stallings International, which was formed as a response to the demand for her knowledge and expertise in the field of leadership and her authority in Positive Conflict Resolution. Melinda is an award winning speaker and executive coach. Her seminars are described as "shifting, action-oriented and results driven". Her satisfied partnerships range from Fortune 20 companies to small business and entrepreneurs.

The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution presented by Melinda Stallings, is designed to help Fortune 1000 companies reduce the exorbitant costs associated with on-going workplace conflict, decrease negativity, increase morale, increase productivity and stop the loss of highly qualified talent due to ineffective workplace conflict resolution.

Melinda Stallings, has practiced and guided individuals in the art of Leadership Development and Positive Conflict Resolution for over 20 years. Her engagements focus on transfer of knowledge into actionable items in the workplace.

According to recent Gallup research, conflict costs the US workplace over $360 BILLION dollars annually. Research shows that up to 63% of managers do not know how to effectively address conflict and 61% of all employees feel like their conflict needs are never addressed. And the best leave.

The average manager spends 25-40% of their time in managing conflict, when they have the tools to manage it. At a salary of just $70,000, the cost of that conflict for only one manager would be $18,750 per year. This does not include the cost of their employee and other co-workers affected. Just one unresolved conflict can cost an organization over $25,000 per year, if it doesn’t escalate to litigation..

This two day event will take place on September 9th & 10th from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Intercontinental Hotel, 444 Street Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA. It is designed to give management and leadership the dynamic tools necessary to take any situation from breakdown to breakthrough in 8 simple steps through The POSITIVE Approach to Conflict Resolution. Visit to register.

“Courageous conversations take your heart and your head working together. You can change the whole course of events if you choose positive over negative communication.” Stallings stated.

“Ms. Stallings’ presentation and her enthusiasm therein provides a bold integration of knowledge, practicality and humor – she makes people believe they are indeed positively powerful! For us, a game changer! ” Sarah Chavez, Senior VP, International Talent Strategies EA Sports

Some of the tools included in this event are:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Strengths Finder Assessment
  • Preferred Mode of Conflict Resolution Assessment
  • The POSITIVE Approach
  • Powerful Questions
  • Powerful Dialogue
  • Engaging in Courageous Conversations

Visit for a complete description and to register for this event.

Company Name: Melinda Stallings International
Contact Person: Melinda Stallings
Phone: 713.817.8199
Country: USA