Mellissa Tong Shares “The 5 tips on How To Be A Rock Star On Camera” in Las Vegas

Published on February 4, 2019

Mellissa Tong, the founder, and CCO of DuckPunk Productions, Inc., an award-winning content production and video marketing company based in Los Angeles, was interviewed recently on KTNV, on “The 5 tips on How To Be A Rock Star On Camera.”

Mellissa Tong is a newscaster turned Award-winning director/producer and author. She works with Fortune 500 companies, such as Nissan, Verizon, CBS,  and others on broadcast TV commercial campaigns as well as digital content online. Her awards include Clio, Addy, Telly, Best of Business in Video Production, and many more from film festivals across the country.

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Mellissa is an author and Award-winning director/producer for all video marketing content. She started as a TV News Anchor and Producer for the International Channel, one of the first satellite TV stations in the United States. Armed with more than 24 years of both in-front-of and behind-the-camera experience working with high-profile and Fortune 500 clients, Mellissa knows what it takes to be effective and engaging in order to become “A Rock Star On Camera.” In the segment, she shares her expertise and shows you how you can become a rock star on camera. To download her free e-book, go to

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About Mellissa Tong & The 5 Tips on How To Be A Rock Star On Camera

After working in front of and behind the camera for more than 24 years, Mellissa notices a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs are suffering from poor messaging and lack of confidence on camera, making them unattractive and not effective on acquiring new sales and customers.

As more people are moving toward using social media and video to promote themselves and their businesses, few come across engaging let alone confident and memorable. Armed with her immerse experience and knowledge, Mellissa created a workshop called “How to be a Rock Star On Camera” and has been teaching and speaking about this topic at SoCalGas, NAWBO, LA Chamber of Commerce, and many other organizations.

“Anyone and everyone can become a rock star on camera, given the right training and practice,” says Mellissa. Aside from communicating with the right body language and learning the technical skills, such as where to put the camera and what to wear, she believes authenticity is key and if you learn to master the art of storytelling, you can keep your audience engaged and get your message across effectively.  

To book Mellissa on your show, visit her website at or call 310-627-8666. 

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