Mental Wellness Consultant, Irene Anggreeni, Invites Fellow Wellbeing Advocates to the Tribe

Published on August 4, 2022

Irene Anggreeni is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist, a Mental Wellness Coach, and a depression survivor. She uses her lived experience to “help others overcome their challenges and transform their lives”. And now, she has founded the Healing for Impact Tribe programme. This is a 6-month journey where like-minded mental health advocates co-create a safe space for support, healing, and growth. 

A mental health advocate can be someone from any walk of life who has undergone a personal transformation and wants to continue healing by helping others. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or already established – the Tribe is a place where everyone learns from each other to develop their practice, whilst making valuable human connections. 

As an introverted and sensitive person who had to build a life in a foreign country, Irene knows the importance of having a tribe. Without that support network, she wouldn’t be where she is now, and she wants to share that privilege. As well as offering support from peers, the Tribe will grow resilience, teach new skills that enrich life, and help amplify impact. 

For a taster of Irene’s methodology, once a month she runs a 5-Day Embodiment Challenge: From Fear to Flow. Here participants will have a bite-size experience of the Healing for Impact Tribe programme. They will see how Irene creates a space that is both scientific and spiritual. With her engineering background, she understands the importance of robust research to support the mindfulness and meditation aspects of her work. She says of herself, “I attract clients with similar [sensitive] traits. They appreciate the safe space that I facilitate, spacious with just enough structure”.

Turning the personal challenges you have faced into inspiration to help others is one of the most positive and generous decisions you can make. That journey will always be easier with a Tribe for support. 


The Healing for Impact Tribe program page with further details can be found here: 

(the monthly 5-Day Challenge: From Fear to Flow is listed among the events at the bottom) 


Client stories from the Tribe program:  


Short videos of Irene talking about mental health recovery and how she supports fellow depression survivors:  

Company Name: Expat Wellbeing | Corporate Wellness
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Phone: +31 6 41 28 67 22
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