Michael Glunk, Real Estate Investor and Colorado Licensed Real Estate Agent, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Published on August 9, 2023

Michael Glunk discusses the key to success in Real Estate investing.

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Michael highlights that while networking, sales, and referrals are important strategies, having the right mindset is the foundation for success. He emphasizes the need for an abundance mindset, which involves providing value to clients rather than just seeking more clients. This mindset shift allows for a more positive and proactive approach to business growth.

Similarly, in real estate investing, the guest also explains the importance of a disruptive mindset. This mindset involves thinking differently and finding innovative ways to achieve goals. It requires an open and positive mindset, as well as the willingness to challenge traditional thinking and explore new possibilities.

Michael also underlines the importance of leveraging the experience and expertise of others. He suggests learning from someone who has already achieved success in a particular field, such as real estate. By surrounding themselves with a knowledgeable team and seeking guidance from experienced individuals, people can enhance their chances of success.

In addition, Mike and Michael emphasize that success in investing comes from taking action, being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and continuously learning and improving. It encourages individuals to have enough knowledge and comfort to start, rather than waiting for complete certainty.

Michael shared: “As an investor, you have to begin to become comfortable with being a little bit uncomfortable. And so, you want to be working off a strong foundation of knowledge, of course, but total knowledge isn’t the key when it comes to investing success. It’s action. And so that’s my goal. My goal is to help provide my clients and my channel viewers with enough knowledge and enough comfort to take action and take that step forward.”


About Michael Glunk

I have been a real estate investor since 2006. My strategy has been to acquire property slowly over time. It’s this approach that allowed me to enjoy life along the way while I built my portfolio to meet, and then exceed, my financial freedom goal and quit the W2 world.

I share my real estate investing expertise and adventures on the Michael Glunk YouTube Channel. I’m an AirBnB Superhost, VRBO Premier Host, and owner of both Long Term Rentals (LTRs) and Short Term Rentals (STRs) across multiple states. I’m also a Colorado Real Estate Agent who specializes in helping both investors and homeowners find solid real estate investments.

Learn More: https://michaelglunk.com/

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