Michelle Foss-Zampino, founder of Healing Creative, talks about beating burn out in new interview on Business Innovators Radio

Published on August 21, 2019

Business Innovators Radio recently interviewed Foss-Zampino about holistic therapies that help professionals and caregivers recover and prevent overwhelm

(BEVERLY, Mass.) –During a recent with interview on Business Innovators Radio, Beverly-based Healing Creative Founder Michelle Foss-Zampino, the negative impact burn out has on professionals and industry and what energetic healing can do to improve emotional wellbeing and enhance performance.

To hear the full interview, visit Positive News Now on Business Innovators Radio.

Healing Creative provides trainings to wellness practitioners and healthcare professionals who want to use the breakthrough energy-clearing system Realizing Your Sublime Energies (RYSE) for their clients or their own self-care. Foss-Zampino is known as one of the first practitioners nationwide trained by Spa Tech Institute and RYSE Founder Nancy Risley to deliver and teach groups and individuals RYSE for self-care. She is the only RYSE practitioner on the North Shore, besides Risley, who can teach practitioners how to use RYSE for clients.

“My vision for the next five to ten years is to see and facilitate greater collaboration between the holistic and medical models of health care. While the medical model offers important technical, physical, and chemical health solutions, I believe holistic therapies offer the personal, emotional, spiritual, and energetic touch missing from traditional medicine,” Foss-Zampino said. “Through a collaboration, we can better serve people in finding their paths to healing.”

When asked about RYSE and how it helps prevent or alleviate burn out, she said “Our bodies are a system of circuits and wires running through our endocrine, nervous and muscular systems, creating the network that information travels on. When there is a disconnection in that system, people are going to experience pain. They may experience it on a physical, mental or spiritual level. RYSE teaches people about managing their own energy system so they can address an issue preemptively and stay healthier and happier on a day-to-day basis. All it takes is five or 10 minutes of RYSE to set the stage for a good day.”

Foss-Zampino is a featured contributor in the recently released “Expert Profiles Volume 9 – Conversations with Influencers & Innovators,” which hit Amazon.com’s best seller list on July 2, 2019, climbing all the way to Number One in the Service Industries category and Number Three in the Business Ethics category. The book was also an Amazon Hot New Release in both categories. Additionally, Healing Creative has been nominated for the 2019 Best of North Shore (BONS) Awards.

About Healing Creative
Founded in 2005, Healing Creative is the North Shore’s only collaborative offering advanced holistic therapies, classes and nutritional products specifically designed to help individuals achieve optimal health, happiness and wholeness. We are committed to delivering our “no-judgment, meet you where you are” approach to healing, and driven to facilitate greater collaboration between the holistic and medical models of health care. To learn more about how our wellness services, products and programs can transform your state of being, visit https://healingcreative.com/.


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