Michelle Hammons, Certified High-Performance Coach, Radio Host, and Best-Selling Author Helps Clients Lead A Visionary Life By Bringing Clarity To Their Dreams And Goals

Published on May 2, 2019

Michelle Hammons is the founder of The Visionary Life Coaching Program. Her mission is to serve people through coaching one on one and group coaching.

During a recent episode of Amazing Women and Men Of Power – Raven International TV Network with Host Raven Blair Glover, Michelle HammonsCertified High-Performance Coach™, explained about the about benefits of group coaching.

When host Raven Blair Glover asked Michelle about what makes group coaching more affordable for participants, Michelle said, “As a coach being able to serve a group of people at the same time allows you to bring greater savings to the client.  So that benefits the client because they get to enter into the same exact program with the same exact coach at a price that’s more affordable for them.” 

Group Coaching can also improve a client’s network and networking skills. Michelle spoke about how a group coaching situation can give a person a very similar experience to a live event by allowing them to network with other participants & get to know new people without the travel, time and cost associated with attending a live event. Another bonus is that sometimes live events last a couple of hours, half a day or a weekend; while group coaching will typically last twelve weeks. So a client will be working with people for several months, and as they progress through the coaching, there is time to build relationships with others.

Michelle Hammons is a Certified High-Performance Coach™, Live Radio Host, and Best Selling Author. She helps people lead a visionary life by bringing clarity to your dreams and goals.

The interview concluded with Michelle saying: This is the time to make a discovery call.”

To listen to the full interview on Amazing Women and Men Of Power – Raven International TV Network, click here or visit https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/amazing-women-and-men-of-power/id1441172752.

To learn more about Michelle Hammons, please visit www.thevisionarylife.com.

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