Mike Marecle Achieves Best Selling Author Status with “Forgive” by Claiming Two No. 1 Spots on Amazon

Published on March 23, 2016

Mike Marecle, speaker, author, and entrepreneur, hit two #1 spots with “Forgive” on Amazon. He shares how peace is lost if any of the five legitimate reasons for anger changes to resentment and creates havoc in work and home relationships.

Speaker, author, and founder of a 501(c)3 known as Hope Family Ministries Inc. (HFM), Mike Marecle, had his book “Forgive” hit two #1 spots as a Best Seller on Amazon recently. Marecle reaches into the experiences of traveling on the path of forgiveness and many of the problems which come due to a lack of forgiveness with their varying affects on relationships both at home and work.

Marecle, a former tool and die maker, shares both personal experiences and observations along with those gained as a practicing counselor. These include the five legitimate reasons for anger which people encounter daily. While everyone encounters these, entrepreneurs may encounter one even more frequently. That one is when they seem to be blocked from achieving their goals.

Some of these reasons may need to be processed to remain healthy. Otherwise they build up over time, according to Marecle, creating ever increasing stress and resentment which then creates episodes such as loss of sleep, increased unhappiness or indicators of depression, outbursts of anger, and even a depressed immune response.

He says it is like a pond which overgrows with algae or a blocked, stopped up river. The flow of oxygen to the living creatures may be reduced which creates more struggle and suffering than is necessary. If this continues to occur without resolution then the problems become worse until someone seeks help for themselves or for the relationships which are affected.

Since opening HFM in May 1995, Marecle and his staff have conducted over 39,000 Biblical counseling hours where he estimates 5 to 7% were business owners. And of those he estimates 75% showed Type-A personality traits. Yet, he says those entrepreneurs affect so many more people because of their contact and influence with employees, vendors, and other entrepreneurs.

Often these entrepreneurs came not for their own stress level, but because of the impact they or their employees were having on others around them.

“Books and audio are a very safe way to explore ideas which can tremendously affect our lives for the better, so I am happy to know ‘Forgive’ is easily available to Amazon’s 200 million or so users,” said Marecle. “I’m grateful for all those who trust me to offer guidance on something so important in life.”

The book ranked #1 in the Parent and Adult Child Relationships Category and #1 in the Religious Studies –Psychology Category on Amazon.com. Marecle emphasizes the issues of forgiveness overlap multiple aspects of our inner and outer lives besides those categories where his book ranked.

For instance, according to an article found on www.MayoClinic.org by the Mayo Clinic Staff, forgiveness can lead to healthier relationships, better psychological and spiritual well-being, and a stronger immune system including the possibility of having fewer symptoms of depression and improved heart health.

Marecle said that before he learned the importance of forgiveness his emotional life seemed out of control which continually sabotaged his hope for peace and happiness. “People in relationships who don’t understand the true nature of forgiveness almost always suffer so much more than they should,” said Marecle.

One former client and current business owner, Linda Hale, said she first sought Marecle’s help when the emotions from dealing with a divorce were threatening her business. “I’m so glad he took time to write this,” Hale said. “He makes it so simple. It’s like having his concern, care, and experience from a session, except in a fit-in-your-hand format where I can reference it again and again.”

Hale has owned multiple businesses since 1985, including Red Door Antiques which opened in 1990 and is found here online. 

“Forgive, The Journey Toward Peace” is available in paperback, audio, and Kindle versions from Amazon.

To contact or learn more about Mike Marecle and Hope Family Ministries Inc. a 501(c)3, please visit www.hopefamilyministries.com

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