Millie Leung’s Mind and Money Makeover Tops Amazon Bestseller List

Published on July 19, 2016

Entrepreneur, speaker and author Millie Leung has been included on the Amazon Bestseller List in multiple categories for her new book Mind and Money Makeover: How to Transform Your Life in 3 Years or Less and Live Your Dreams.

Millie Leung has made a name for herself as a best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, mentor and coach.  Now, her newest book, How To Transform Your Life In 3 Years Or Less And Live Your Dreams, is being featured on the Amazon Bestseller list.  The book outlines the ways that everyday people can pursue their financial and personal goals successfully by taking simple steps to change their outlook, their performance and their results.

According to Leung, time is of the essence in pursuing dreams.  With her proven five-step formula to transform financial and personal realities into success, Leung outlines specific, concrete actions that anyone can take to change his or her personal outcomes.  Leung draws on her experiences in starting a home-based business and expanding it into an international company in just two years.  Today, she speaks at international gatherings of up to 10,000 people, sharing her knowledge and the skills she has developed in living out dreams and making them a reality.

In Mind and Money Makeover, Leung offers her proven five-step system to transform lives and shatters common beliefs that limit potential.  She teaches about economic mindsets, how to dream big and achieve goals, discovering life’s purpose, generating income, mapping out ideal business elements, and mastering tools for abundance.  According to Leung, “Mind And Money Makeover is geared towards helping you do what you love and live the life you dream of in three years or less. If you want to learn how to transform your mind, accelerate your finances, travel the world, create meaningful relationships, help others, do what your heart desires, and live life on your terms, read this book now!”

For a limited time, anyone who visits can obtain a free copy of the downloadable book, valued at $27.  For more information, visit the website.

About Millie Leung:  Millie Leung is a mother, entrepreneur, author and owner of a successful international business which she grew from a home-based operation in just two years.  She shares her wisdom and insight in her speaking engagements around the world and is currently on the Amazon Bestseller List with her latest book, Mind and Money Makeover.

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