MJ Life Insurance Now Insuring Marijuana Users

Published on May 15, 2019

With the passing of two California Propositions, more life insurance companies are becoming friendly to marijuana users.

San Diego independent insurance agency MJ Life, is working with many insurance companies to meet the needs of business owners or users of marijuana  in getting life insurance, disability insurance, or tax-free retirement options. MJ Life specializes in this field of insurance when it used to be impossible to be covered due to marijuana use.

Illegal drug use is a reason for life insurance to deny a claim.  When the marijuana movement to legalize cannabis began in the early 1990’s,  California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996 with the Compassionate Use Act (Proposition 215). With this Act passing, a letter from a treating physician stating that marijuana can alleviate pain and suffering of the patient’s medical condition was used as evidence of legal use. In November of 2016, the California Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) passed and more life insurance companies began being friendly to those who use cannabis.

MJ Life Insurance can guide you to the best company for your situation,” states Insurance Broker Chris Abrams of MJ Life. “There is usually an option for the recreational user, the medical user, or the worker or business owner of a cannabis company.”

As the use of medical and recreational use of marijuana has increased, so have the dispensaries and businesses related to cannabis increased. Traditional agents may not understand or have the knowledge to maneuver through the process in getting coverage.   MJ Life Insurance’s specialty is knowing how to get these businesses covered.

For the individual user, the coverage for insurance depends on the frequency and the reason cannabis is being used. There are even companies that do not ask about marijuana use but these options will not be the least expensive.  Being truthful on any application is necessary otherwise a claim could be denied. Any omissions or lies will be considered fraud and leave a black mark on the application which is shared with other companies, leaving the users difficult to receive any coverage. Many times a cover letter will help in the application process for those users wanting to explain their case.  This gives the underwriter a better picture. MJ Life Insurance will help in the process and has the experience to get marijuana users approved for life insurance.

MJ Life is an independent life insurance agency with access to over 70 life insurance companies. For more information or to talk to an agent, please go to: https://mjlifeinsurance.com/

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