Moin Zafar Launches His New Book to the Top of Amazon Charts

Published on May 31, 2019

Grow with Your Baby teaches people how to embrace change when faced with an unplanned pregnancy

Moin Zafar launched his new book, Grow with Your Baby: 7 Lessons on How to Embrace Change and Overcome Your Fears About Losing Your Personal Identity from an Unplanned Pregnancy on with massive international success.

In this inspirational piece of written work Zafar-briefly tells the tale of his Multi-cultural union with the woman who changed his life, Luara and the story of how embracing unexpected changes can be the catalyst for profound personal evolution.

“This book is heavily inspired by my first born 18-month old daughter, Amanisha Inara Zafar. By simply spending time and being present with her allowed me to gain incredible insights into my own limiting behavioral patterns,” states Zafar,

Zafar describes how he is taught by the actions of his daughter’s daily activities and how people can open their mind to a completely new dimension of learning and parenthood. The book’s message aims to show young/new parents how to embrace and understand the emotional challenges of unexpected parenthood and parenthood in general.

About Moin Zafar

Moin Zafar was born in China, raised in Pakistan, and born again in Canada. In this book, he shares his unique perspectives on the emotional challenges of young parenthood and life in general.

Moin believes incredible introspection into one’s habits can lead to incredible healing. He sees the potential in everyone to be extraordinary and he wants his work to stand testament to that statement.

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