Mother is diagnosed with brain tumor 5 days after giving birth to her first child

Published on December 30, 2015

As most people prepare to celebrate the beginning of a new year, and the new hope it brings, Alison from New York City is toiling away at a different task: trying to stay alive for her husband and newborn son.

Alison McCarthy is a Rutgers University graduate, who after receiving her degrees in Spanish and Economics went to earn a Masters in Public Administration from NYU with dreams of helping the less privileged, which is exactly what she went on to do.

She worked for a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of providing adequate healthcare to the underserved in developing nations. Alison travelled abroad to Asia and Africa, where she worked to set up field offices for this dedicated organization.

In 2008, Alison met the love of her life, Logan. After a beautiful ceremony in 2011, the two began trying to start a family. After a few years of trying to get pregnant, Alison and Logan finally became parents to a beautiful baby boy named Nathan.

However, just five short days after Nathan was born, tragedy struck; while recuperating at home, Alison suddenly had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital where a CT scan showed a large mass in her brain. Tragically, a biopsy has confirmed that Alison has a high grade glioblastoma brain tumor, a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

Glioblastomas are highly malignant and characterized by finger-like tentacles and a mixed grade of cells. These two factors – and the excellent blood supply that allows the cells to reproduce rapidly – make glioblastoma one of the most challenging cancers to treat.

Because the tumor is comprised of so many different types of cells – cystic mineral, blood vessels, calcium deposit, or other cells – no one treatment is effective on the entire tumor; and because of the finger-like growths, the tumor cannot be completely removed surgically.

Due to the aggressive nature of this type of cancer, Alison has been given 18 months to live.

Her husband and family have been researching drugs outside the standard treatment of care that have shown promising results with Glioblastomas because most of these drugs are not covered by insurance and are very expensive. From participation in clinical trials to alternative medicine, they have chosen to leave no leaf unturned until Alison is cured.

The Brain Tumor Foundation estimates the cost of treating a brain tumor at more than $450,000 and says costs of treating a brain tumor can reach $700,000 in a lifetime.

Alison’s sister has set up a fund to help Alison and Logan pay for treatments not covered by insurance, travel to and from specialists, and for living expenses while Logan is out of work to care for Alison and Nathan.

To learn more or donate to Alison and Logan, please, visit their fundraising page:

Your support is appreciated and lifesaving.

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