Multifamily Investor and Motivator Vinney Chopra Becomes #1 International Bestselling Author

Published on July 8, 2019

Distinguished motivational speaker and real estate investor Vinney Chopra is now making his mark as an author. Vinney’s book “Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide” is currently a number one Amazon bestseller in six categories in the USA and the best seller in Amazon UK and Amazon Canada.

Vinney Chopra’s recently released book “Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide” has now emerged a number one international bestseller in Amazon. In addition to being the number one Amazon bestseller in six categories in the USA, this real-estate guidebook is also a bestseller in Amazon UK and Amazon Canada at present. 

Also known as Mr. Smiles, Vinney Chopra is extremely popular as a multifamily investor, educator, podcaster, and motivator. Over the last four decades, he has acquired diverse industry experience and developed multifamily syndication strategies that have delivered excellent results. At present, Vinney manages four successful organizations and is responsible for 3,500 units and a multifamily portfolio worth $250 million. 

The story of Vinney Chopra’s rise in America’s real estate industry is nothing less than a dream come true. He arrived in America forty years ago with just seven dollars in his pocket. With sheer grit and determination, he completed his Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Advertising from the George Washington University and never looked back. Vinney has already featured in seventy-plus podcasts focusing on multifamily syndication. He has written a series of e-books on multifamily investing prior to “Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide.” 

“In short, this book is about my Journey from $7 to $250 Million. This book will give you a step by step guide on how to make apartment syndication easy and take your business to the next level,” says Vinney Chopra. 

Within a very short time, Vinney’s new book has received excellent feedback from the readers. 

“Vinney is an active investor and he gives solid actionable information for the beginner as well as experienced investors. It would seem obvious for syndicators to read this, but this would be a great book for passive investors that do not understand how syndication works,” an impressed user mentions in his Amazon review. “When you are approaching passive investors that aren’t sure about what you are talking about with them, send them a copy of this book to give third-party credibility to your proposal.”  

“Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide” is available in Kindle as well as Paperback versions. 

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About Vinney Chopra: Since coming to the U.S. more than 40 years ago with only $7 in his pockets, Vinney Chopra has achieved success in a number of arenas: marketing, motivational speaking and real estate investment, among them. Vinney is an example of what positive thinking can do to impact one’s life and that of others.

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