Nathan Sloas Designed to Revolutionize the Custom Cabinets Industry

Published on February 5, 2015

Nathan Sloas saw a problem. There was demand for wall cabinets and built-ins for niche spaces. It wasn’t easy to order custom cabinets for these spaces so Niche Cabinets was born.

Nathan set out to offer true custom cabinets built from scratch that could be ordered online. It starts with about 10 designs the website visitor can browse. A few adjustments can be made then the order placed via the website.

“The whole basis behind was I would go on customer appointments that have generic niches and openings on almost every house built these days. I saw people were asking for pretty much the same design over and over again. We wanted to give customers what they want and most customers these days want to go online.” Says Niche Cabinets owner Nathan Sloas.

The website was built so somebody could enter in the measurements of their space, pick one of the starting designs and get a price straight from the website. Then one of Niche Cabinets’ designers goes out and confirms the measurements, redesigns if necessary while keeping the price the same for the customer’s benefit. The goal is for customers to be confident buying knowing exactly what they’re getting into.

The base designs are very popular and then customized to fit their space. This is very popular with people.

Sloas continues, “We’re looking to upgrade the website so the base designs will adjust size on screen as the person enters their space’s measurements. It’s not prefab cabinets nor from a box store. It’s 100% custom made from scratch to fit their space. The purpose of the site is to make the whole process more comfortable for the customer which also happens to be more efficient for us. This means I can offer better pricing for the customers.

If they take the design they like then we just have to send our custom designer out to their property one time to confirm the measurements. This saves a trip and makes the process faster for everyone. If you don’t see what you want on the website then of course one of our designers will come out to your property and create a design for your space that you’ll love.”

The Niche Cabinets team is going to make a video educating each person about this process and making sure website visitors understand these are 100% custom cabinets designed to fit the customer’s space. This puts more power in the hands of the customer so they can get what they want with fewer steps.

“When you’re ready to order you just click the ‘add to cart’ button and complete your order. We then send a designer out to confirm the measurements. I talked a little bit about the speed benefits. I guarantee your project will be done within 4 to 6 weeks from placing your order. A custom-designed job with no starting point has a much longer lead time to completion.”

To learn more about Niche Cabinets or to see which of the popular designs would look good visit The Niche Cabinets team places a premium on designing elegant cabinets to fit the space and provide the extra storage clients are looking for.

Company Name: Niche Cabinets
Contact Person: Nathan Sloas
Phone: (512) 246-6300
Country: United States