Nationwide Search for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Be Featured in New Book Series

Nationwide Search for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Be Featured in New Book Series

Innovators Publishing & Media has announced its new book series and has begun a search for the nation’s top entrepreneurs and professionals. These individuals will come from nonprofit organizations, groups and associations. They have professional expertise in specific areas that will be featured in the new book series, “A message in a bottle.” Already gaining national attention, the book series will empower, equip and expose its readers.


Boutique book publisher Lisa Williams, of Innovators Publishing & Media, recently announced a new book series called “A message in a bottle, One Book and One Message at a Time,” and confirmed the launch of a nationwide search for entrepreneurs & professionals to be featured in the multiple volumes of the series.  Innovators Publishing & Media will work with leading nonprofit organizations, chambers, entrepreneur groups, associations and business leaders to help find contributors to be featured in the books.

“A message in a bottle, One Book and One Message at a Time” is slated to be the business version of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” featuring professionals and experts who will share empowering stories, and offer valuable information to specific audiences.

This book project intersects collaboration, crowdfunding and social personal responsibility.  The books will provide content regarding success in a career field or entrepreneurial pursuit and will also deliver non-business-related advice to help individuals overcome a challenge or hurdle.

As she explained the project, Williams said, “Transparency is the new currency. I am looking for superstars, the dream team if you will, of experts in each industry and category willing to educate and advocate and share pertinent information to specific audiences.  Our belief is that when our readers receive one of the “A message in a bottle” books it will feel like a gift has washed ashore, containing the very message (information) they need. It’s been 20 years since the first ‘Chicken Soup’ book was published.  People need content to help them achieve their goals and information on how to get past the challenges many are facing in business and life today. These books will be more than inspiration they will also show the pathway to success.”

A selected nonprofit will benefit from the retail royalties for each of the “A message in a bottle” books. “We will donate 100% of the retail royalties to our non-profit partners,” said Williams.

She went on to say, “There are so many great books sitting on Amazon and on book shelves but the people who want and need them don’t know they exist.  We aim to solve this problem. The major difference with our book series compared to ‘Chicken Soup for The Soul’ is our books will be given, gifted, or sponsored so the targeted audience receives them.”

Books in the “A message in a bottle” series will focus on different topics including:  Women at the Table in various industries, Community Influencers, and Women Entrepreneurs Making Moves.  There will also be books in the sports, faith, entertainment, and family categories. The books will feature business owners, community leaders and entrepreneurs, executives, Millennials, and CEO’s, who are positively impacting economies and peoples’ lives.

The various books in the series are scheduled to be published beginning in 2018.  “We anticipate a lot of exposure to this project because the project is a true win-win that will benefit all involved,” Williams said.

They are currently looking for sponsor partners.

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About A message in a bottle Book Series

“A message in a bottle, Creating One Book and One Message at a Time,” is a new book series aimed to deliver volumes of books featuring an array of professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs providing valuable information to a target audience.  The collaborative and social responsibility focused book series, will provide a fresh and meaningful content and offer nuggets of wisdom from individuals with expertise who are willing to be fully transparent in discussing important and sometimes difficult to discuss topics. AMIAB books aim to enhance the lives of the contributors, the nonprofit attached to the book project and the audiences the books will serve.  The topics covered in the book series will help its readers move past hurdles and challenges to live their best life.  The goal is for the books to arrive in a reader’s life like a bottle that has washed to shore, containing the very message someone needs at a given time.

About Innovators Publishing & Media

Innovators Publishing & Media is a boutique agency that publishes collaborative books featuring entrepreneurs, professionals, and their expertise.  The agency brings exposure to a nonprofit and the contributors while incorporating social responsibility for greater reach and impact.

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