NAVI DOWTY Speaks at Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club

Published on January 16, 2018

Navi Dowty, CFA, was the featured speaker at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club, an annual thought leaders conference. These thought leaders include financial advisors, CEOs, dignitaries, professionals, best-selling authors, technical and medical experts from around the world.

Navi Dowty, internationally known speaker, bestselling author, educator and retirement income planner, and better known as the creator of the famous ‘Smiling Retiree’ method, recently spoke at the prestigious Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club. Apart from talking about his celebrated approach to money and finance, Dowty gave a rare glimpse into his childhood experiences that ultimately led him to evolve his now famous income and finance principles.

Dowty has alerted everyone to the three crushing financial tides that can wipe out valuable savings, and these are rising taxes, rising interest rates, and rising inflation. But why is he so concerned about these? His speech at the Harvard Faculty Club revealed how his confrontation with a mugger made him think, and when his grandmother lost her savings to bad investments by her relatives, he knew that financial predators abound in the world around us.

“Your biggest financial predators won’t be people, they’ll be various circumstances. Mainly taxes,” Dowty said. And for those who want to succeed, Dowty advised, “Figure out what your customers really want and get it for them. You will get what you want if you get them what they want.”

Dowty’s personal experiences led to his founding nine financial companies and his popular ‘Smiling Retiree Process’, as outlined in his classic book, “Financial Success: For The Smiling Retiree”. Today he is a financial educator, author, and retirement income planner, who’s earned the prestigious Chartered Financial Analysts designation held by less than 1% of the financial advisory community.

The biggest myth of leadership that Dowty wants to expose is about the emptiness of short-term bottom lines. Instead, he calls for a focus on building lifetime value for customers. “Buy whatever you are selling. If your company sells a product, buy it yourself. If they provide a service, use it for you and your family,” he recommends. For building leadership, he thinks that keeping agreements and leading by example are all important.

Creating ‘smiling retirees’ for over forty years, Dowty is also the founder of the DuPage Tax Group, which is a member of the United Cloud Partners Services, and operates in a private and secure, IRS Circular 230 compliant communications network to submit all state and federal tax work documents.

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