Neil Howe, Family Travel Blogger Reveals Insights About Living The Nomadic Lifestyle As An Entrepreneur On Creative Living Radio

Published on June 21, 2019

Family Travel Blogger, Neil Howe, was the featured guest on Creative Living Radio with host Frank Felker talking about Living The Nomadic Lifestyle as an entrepreneur

On a recent episode of Creative Living Radio with Frank Felker, Neil Howe, Family Travel Blogger, discussed Living The Nomadic Lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

According to Howe, there are many people who live the nomadic lifestyle and travel the world without a home base. A little research into this nomadic lifestyle will find so many people blogging and talking about their adventures traveling the world full time either as individuals, with friends, as couples or with families.

Howe said, “We really had no idea when we first got started what we were doing, but we came to find so many family travel bloggers who not only gave us great information about how to travel full time with a family but were an inspiration to actually get out there and get started. ”.

Host Frank Felker asked, how can you afford to live on the road as I’m sure traveling like that is expensive? Howe answered, “Actually, there are many ways to travel on a budget and many families can comfortably travel the world for fifty to one hundred dollars a day. To put this in perspective, our home and all the bills that come with it came out to about three thousands dollars a month…just to live in one place. Our traveling adventures so far has cost about one half of that for accommodation and there aren’t any of the other bills such as gas, electricity, trash, tv, internet, homeowners insurance, water etc.”.

During the interview Howe shared how time management has to be a priority in order to take care of all the tasks that come with being an entrepreneur on the road, explaining, “Everything just seems to take longer when you are on the road from driving places to going to the grocery store. Nothing is familiar as it is when you are in your comfortable home environment so there is a learning experience at all times. Making decisions about where to get gas, eat, sleep and what activities to do just takes so much time, then there is work that has to get done as well as the blogging not only on our NoHomeNomadder website but all the social media channels too. We paint a picture of a great life to our audience, but there is a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes in order to make it happen”.

No Home Nomadder is a travel blog sharing the Howe’s traveling journey through the United States. Neil Howe is an international best selling author, radio host and online media marketing strategist. He is sharing the best places to Eat, Stay, Explore and Play in each of the fifty states in a travel guide series as well as on the blog and social media channels.

The interview concluded with Howe saying “Many people ask just why we sold everything and hit the road and the answer to that is that we are never guaranteed tomorrow. My wife, Amanda’s dad was an entrepreneur all his life and worked hard to provide for his family, but in his mid-fifties, he was diagnosed with dementia. Seeing the deterioration over the last 10 years has made us appreciate that you only live once and that now is the time to enjoy life and get out there and live.”

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