Neil Howe of Highland Media Agency Selected To Write Travel Guide For Georgia Travel and Tourism Businesses

Published on July 2, 2019

Highland Media Agency was selected to write the guidebook for Georgia businesses in the travel and tourism industries to showcase the best things to do in Georgia for the Amazon audience.

Entrepreneur and travel blogger, Neil Howe, was selected to write a “Things To Do” Travel Guide that will focus on highlighting Georgia Businesses in the areas of Eat. Stay. Explore and Play.

Howe, a best selling author and owner of Atlanta based Highland Media Agency, will help get the word out about all the great businesses in the travel and tourism industry in Georgia.

“As a full-time traveler myself, I know how important it is to go to a new state and find things to do. A lot of time is spent searching Google for the best places to Eat, Stay, Explore and Play so it makes sense to compile them all in one place to make it easier for people visiting Georgia to save time and get up to date information of the best things to do wherever they are in the state”, said Howe.

Neil Howe has been traveling the United States with his family as a full-time travel blogger at No Home Nomadder while documenting their journey and all the things they have done on their travel blog. They try all different types of accommodation from hotels to resorts, airbnb to wwoofing traveling from place to place in their Toyota Sienna. They have already logged 10,000 miles in just over two months as they take in all the experiences and attractions in the states they visit. 

Times are changing and to attract attention you have to be on the platforms where ideal customers are hanging out. Amazon is one of those platforms with one of the biggest buying audiences in the world, so it makes sense that travel information be available to buyers on Amazon in one place instead of spending hours searching the search engines for incomplete answers.

Howe and his team are searching vetted marketing channels such as the States Official Tourism and Travel Website Explore Georgia where tourism, business, and marketing come together to showcase top places to Eat, Stay, Explore and Play. They are offering sponsorship opportunities for businesses who want to get some extra real estate in the book, but stress there are only so many ‘things to do’ that they can include without making the book too big. 

Howe said, “Georgia is a big state and there are tons of places to Eat, Stay Explore and Play in each region of the state. It will be hard to whittle it down to the few that can make it in the book. We have experienced many restaurants, resorts, and attractions in our home state of Georgia ourselves and will qualify the rest based on reviews, recommendations, and reputation.”

The ‘Things To Do In Georgia’ book is scheduled to be released in Fall 2019 and available on Amazon in digital and print versions.

For more information about sponsorship or applying to be included in the “Things To Do In Georgia” book email Neil Howe at or visit:

Neil Howe and the Highland Media Agency 

Call (404) 428-1399.

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