New Adwords Policy Affords Great Opportunities For Businesses

Published on August 28, 2016

New Google Adwords policy creates great opportunities for business owners to engage new marketing tactics and increase business.

Small businesses in the USA must have a robust online presence and that presence should include Google Adwords. Adwords allows small businesses to compete successfully with organizations much larger and with larger budgets. Adwords new policy of eliminating ads on the right side of the page has created huge opportunities for informed and proactive businesses.

Online advertising platforms, like Adwords, are constantly changing which requires the business owner to invest time in learning the newest tactics, techniques, and best practices or hiring an individual or firm to manage their online campaigns.

Many business owners would gladly delegate the online marketing to a competent person if it were affordable. This is where a huge myth exists. Management of most small business accounts can be procured for $500 per month or less. Many times there will be an initial additional charge to properly set up the account and perhaps make some changes or additions to the client’s website.

Johnny Mulder, owner of Crimson Marketing Phoenix, announces Crimson Marketing Phoenix will provide an audit of Phoenix small businesses Adwords accounts to determine if the campaigns are structured and functioning according to industry best practices. Recent Adwords changes, like what in the industry is referred to as the “Right Side Wipe Out”, in which all the ads on the right side of a search results page were discontinued, results in huge opportunities for knowledgeable advertisers.

Mulder advises small businesses to consult with a Phoenix online marketing consultant to apprise themselves of the current change in Adwords policy and determine if their business may need professional Adwords management. The investment in professional management should provide a return in a very short period of time. Mulder noted that businesses that are quick to apply these new changes will reap lucrative returns.

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