New Best-Selling Book Empowers Seniors and Their Families to Save Their Assets from Forfeiture to the State and to Pay for an In-Home Caregiver

Published on October 1, 2017

"Saving Seniors' Savings", authored by Gerontologist and Elder Care Planning expert Therese Johnson, aims to help aging seniors and their families pay for caregiving services while protecting savings and assets.

A family member caring for an aging senior often has but a shadow of their former life. More than half of caregivers are so physically, emotionally, financially and mentally drained that they die before the person they are taking care of. They want their lives back. “Saving Seniors’ Savings”, authored by Gerontologist and Elder Care Planning expert Therese Johnson, teaches caregivers how to move forward.

Therese Johnson says, “My goal in writing Saving Seniors’ Savings is to enable aging seniors and their families to pay for services that allow the senior to maintain some degree of independence for as long as possible, while protecting savings and assets so they can be passed on to family members.”

As soon as Saving Seniors’ Savings launched on Amazon, it very quickly became a #1 New Release in the Eldercare and Aging Parents categories and Amazon also named it a #1 Best Seller in Eldercare.

Saving Seniors’ Savings guides aging seniors and their families through the process of creating a custom, long-term care plan that allows them to be able to afford in-home or residential caregiving, and demonstrates how to protect real estate and other assets from government liens and forfeiture. Readers will know which government programs are dysfunctional and must be avoided.

Therese Johnson guides families through the morass of confusion to discover the three or four programs that are optimally suited for their specific situation. The family will learn how to rearrange income and assets to be in exactly the right position to qualify for getting most or all of their senior care expenses paid for by the three or four programs to which Saving Seniors’ Savings points them.

Saving Seniors’ Savings is available on

Sponsored by A Capella Realty, Cheryl Tiburzi-Loomis, Cynthia Comiskey, Financial Analyst-Newcastle, Divine Mercy Guest Homes-Sacramento, Senior Care Of Sacramento, and Sierra Regency Retirement Living-Roseville, the book is available now on both Kindle and paperback [ISBN 9781988925004].

About Therese Johnson
Therese Johnson is a freelance author for international magazines, newspapers and blogs as well as a local TV producer, Radio show host for “Senior Moments” on 105.5 FM and the founder of Senior Care Of Sacramento. She is a gerontologist, community and social service specialist, continuing education provider and administrator for residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE). She is an Alzheimer’s specialist and certified nurse’s assistant. Therese is passionate about optimizing the quality of life for senior citizens, through taking an integrative medicine approach to their care, as well as engaging in social and financial advocacy on their behalf. Therese has spent the last 20 years working in acute care, long-term care and residential care for the elderly. While serving as the president and legislative advocate of Foothill Association of Care Providers for the Elderly (FACES), Therese sponsored and successfully passed the California “Assisted Living Waiver Pilot Project (ALWP)”, requiring Medi-Cal to fund RCFES and Board and Care – small, home-like environments offering seniors personalized attention, private quarters and dignified lifestyles. Prior to the passage of this bill, California Medi-Cal only funded skilled nursing facilities.

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