New Book Aims to Inspire Women Facing Life Transitions

New Book Aims to Inspire Women Facing Life Transitions

Fourteen women from different walks of life share their stories of obstacles, struggle, and challenges – and how they overcame these to come out as people full of love and strength.

The new book, titled Bravely She Flies, includes the stories of fourteen women who have been through major life transitions.  The contributors share their journeys, metaphorically from cocoon to butterfly, and the resiliency lessons they learned a long the way.

The head contributor of the book, Rhonda Nichols, started the project after she realized that many of the women in her life were experiencing dramatic life changes.  She knew their stories were the same as many others around the world and wanted a vehicle to allow them to share their journeys and the lessons learned.  She pulled these women together and they co-authored the book with a common theme: Resiliency.

“One night I had a powerful thought that I not only thought, but felt through my entire being. As I was reflecting on the women in my life and their life journeys, I realized how resilient and strong we all were. We had all overcome major obstacles and were stronger on the other side. I knew that we needed to share those stories to help others push through similar situations in their lives. That is how this book started. And my hope is this is just the beginning. The start of a ripple that will be a positive impact to the writers and readers of this book, and any books to follow.” Nichols shared.

The contributing authors of Bravely She Flies have differing backgrounds: from women in their 20s, to women in retirement; ladies who share relationship struggles, overcame business challenges or had low self-esteem; but all have learned to become strong and resilient.  They have learned how to open their wings and take flight.

The release of Bravely She Flies comes at a time when there is increasing focus on women’s empowerment.  For example, International Women’s Day, celebrated this past March, encouraged women worldwide to bring light to the issues that affect females worldwide, including gender bias, income equality, or creating flexible cultures.

According to the World Economic Forum, it is predicted that the gender gap won’t close until the year 2186.  However, the authors in Bravely She Flies look to inspire and help any readers to step up for themselves and create changes in individual lives now.

The contributing authors in Bravely She Flies are: LJ Tibbets, Dawn Thompson, Genena Woodson Armstrong, KayCee Gregory, Cheryl Butcher, Malaina Davis, Rhonda Nichols, Amberly Simpson, Frances Robinson, Marie Kiana, Adrianne Court, Tracy Baumer, Angela Cheng, and Calia Kimball.

Bravely She Flies will be released on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017.

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