New Book by Financial Consultant Chris Quintana debuts as No. 1 Hot New Release for Wealth Management on Amazon

Published on September 8, 2020

“The Less You Know, The More $$ They Make —You Can Flip That Script” by Chris Quintana is topping the Amazon charts in financial categories worldwide. 

Chris Quintana, author of “The Less You Know, The More $$ They Make — You Can Flip That Script” debuted on Amazon as an International No. 1 Best Seller in the United States and Australia in 12 categories including Investments, Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, Commerce, Shopping & Commerce, Financial Services, Business & Money Real Estate, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Investments, Urban & Regional Economics, Budgeting, and Development & Growth Economics. 

Quintana’s book was also a No. 1 Hot New Release in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom in 13 categories including Industries & Professions Real Estate Investments, Insurance Liability, Financial Services, Business & Money Real Estate Investments, Budgeting, Wealth Management, Life Insurance, Shopping & Commerce, Real Estate Sales, Development & Growth Economics, Urban & Regional Economics, Commerce Economics, and Investing.

“I am driven by principles of loyalty, integrity, faith, and excellence,” said Chris Quintana. “I passionately seek to enhance the lives and well-being of others by educating and assisting people in protecting their financial future.”

Quintana said she wrote The Less You Know, The More $$ They Make  — You Can Flip That Script because she wants to share what she learned from her life experiences related to finances.

“I shared some of my favorite and easy to use tax-advantaged cash flow strategies,” she said. “I hope readers will take advantage of these opportunities they may not have heard of if they hadn’t read the book.”

“My partners and I have started CQ Consulting Services to help educate others. We know that regardless of your financial situation, every person needs a strategic financial plan.” The CQ Consulting team comprises CPAs, CFPs, Tax Strategist, Investment Professionals, Portfolio Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Brokers, Estate Planner, Insurance Professionals, and others.

CQ Consulting client John, retired from commercial sign sales, wrote: “I retired in 2016 and wondered if I would outlive the money I had set aside for retirement. I have had money invested in Mutual Funds, and it has grown some but not near fast enough. I was presented with an opportunity to invest what money I had set aside and feel that this revenue stream will be just what I needed, (and) am very thankful to Chris for enlightening me to seek a different course. I remember her words to me; would you be interested in “living off your interest” without ever touching your principle. It piqued my interest. Now I will receive a check monthly from the interest on my money.”

About The Less You Know, The More $$ They Make — You Can Flip That Script!

“Achieving financial success doesn’t have to be complicated, like the financial and government systems want you to think it is,” said Quintana.

“Say goodbye to worn-out advice that has you on a financial rollercoaster. Contrary to what Wall Street promotes — you don’t have to lose your hard-earned money to grow your wealth,” she said.

The Less You Know, The More $$ They Make — You Can Flip That Script reveals financial information the average person is not taught in school.  Quintana explains how to flip the script on your finances.

Some book highlights include what the banks don’t want you to know; the truth about 401(k) plans, and unadvertised financial strategies that have big returns.

Get The Less You Know, The More $$ They Make — You Can Flip That Script on Amazon.

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