New Book Helps Female College Athletes Successfully Transition In Life After Playing Sports

Published on August 2, 2016

Compiled by Angela Lewis, Post Moves: The Female Athlete's Guide to Dominate Life After College, brings together fifteen women who are former college athletes to share their success strategies. Often times athletes aren’t prepared to deal with serious challenges that are addressed in this book such as postpartum depression, divorce and financial hardships. A portion of the proceeds will support the Women’s Sports Foundation.

It is documented that the transition from college athletics to the workforce is difficult for many athletes. As a result, Angela Lewis compiled the new book Post Moves: The Female Athlete’s Guide to Dominate Life After College. This book brings together fifteen women who are former college athletes to share their personal experiences and offer practical career advice to current athletes.

Angela Lewis, a former professional athlete, did not know what career path she would take once she stopped playing basketball. After years of confusion, she is now the director of a non profit helping youth succeed through entrepreneurship. Her past uncertainty fueled the desire to partner with others to offer female college athletes career advice and access to successful professionals.

All of the women in the book have witnessed many young women struggle to transition after college. Lewis explains, “Female athletes learn so many valuable lessons from playing sports and this book provides examples of how other women utilize those skills in their day to day lives.” 

Laura Gentile, stated in an article on espnW, “From work ethic to adaptability to superior problem-solving ability, these women enter the workforce ready to win and demonstrate that ability as they rise throughout their career.”

Ernst and Young conducted research on female executives and Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Global Vice Chair, Public Policy explains  “Participation in sport not only influences leadership skills, style and career development, but it is also a powerful motivator for female executives.”

Angela Hucles, CEO of Women’s Sports Foundation asserts in a recent article, “Being involved in sports is such a fantastic way to really reach your goals and your dreams, not just within a sport but in life as well.”

Each contributor of Post Moves has a unique perspective and offers practical advice about the transition from college to the workforce. They are transparent about their challenges such as dealing with postpartum depression, overcoming career ending injuries, financial hardships and the emotional impact of divorce. 

The contributors to Post Moves: The Female Athlete’s Guide to Dominate Life After College include: 

  • Pasha Cook, University of Memphis, basketball
  • Khalia Collier, Columbia College and Missouri Baptist University, basketball and golf
  • Alicia Herald, Washington University in St. Louis, basketball
  • Cecelia Townes, Howard University, tennis
  • Osa Osula, George Mason, basketball
  • Lisa Miceli Standage, Turman State University, basketball
  • Fernanda Corral, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education Mexico, basketball
  • Peppi Browne-Armstrong, Duke, basketball
  • Erica Smith, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, basketball
  • Joi Madison, California State Northridge, water polo and swimming
  • Priscilla Pacheco Tallman, University of Georgia, volleyball
  • Marisa Gonzalez, Southwest Minnesota State University, soccer
  • Claire Zovko, Pacific Lutheran University, basketball
  • Emily Jaskowiak, University of Tulsa, basketball
  • Anna Sydorska, Texas Christan University, tennis

Post Moves will be released in mid September and published through the Global Athlete Media Network. A portion of the proceeds will support the Women’s Sports Foundation. For more information contact 

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