New Book Promises to Help People Free Themselves from Student Loan Debt

Published on July 22, 2019

Ignite Press to launch a new book focusing on the student loan debt crisis.

Ignite Press announced the release of Student Loan Debt Secrets: An Insider Explains Why You Are Overpaying When Thousands Aren’t by educational finance expert Larry Morrison.

The book is available on Amazon at

Student Debt Loan Secrets explores the concept of how quickly student loan debt has become a burden of unprecedented proportions. The book acts as a field manual, navigating you through the proper steps needed to successfully free yourself from student loan debt with the help of Larry’s expertise to guide you.

Student Loan Debt Secrets will show you how:

-All the unknown forces that created a student loan trap that is currently crippling our economy.

-To navigate an intensely complicated system designed to keep you an indentured servant.

-To get your student loan monthly payment as low as possible and get a ton of money in forgiveness.

-To make a student loan financial plan that is bullet proof to scam artists, servicing companies, and political interests.

-How to beat the student loan game and grow the wealth being siphoned from your pockets.

“Through years of practical investigation and reflection, I’ve developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the student loan system,” says Larry. “…I can change people’s lives by liberating them from the burdens of their debt.”

To celebrate the launch of the book, the Kindle version of the book will be on sale for 99 cents for a limited time.

Larry Morrison is the founder of College Loan Freedom Inc. and a crusader for truth in education finance. In our country today you will be hard-pressed to find someone with the same depth of knowledge on the subject. He is a speaker, author, and educator teaching financial advisors, mortgage brokers, and student loan borrowers all across the country the ins and outs of college debt. 6 years ago Larry left the comforts of a real estate and start-up investing business to adopt a mission of helping as many people with student loan debt as humanly possible. To date he and his company have directly helped thousands of people struggling with student loans and indirectly helped countless others.

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