New Influencer Marketing Course Teaches How to Instantly Boost Credibility by Tapping the Power of Interviewing Industry Influencers.

Published on May 3, 2016

New step-by-step influencer marketing course teaches the proven system for quickly establishing authority in an industry, even starting out as an unknown in the space.


Marketing expert recently launched a new course about interviewing influencers to help build reputation. Mike Saunders, who is an MBA, business strategist, author, marketing adjunct professor and marketing coach and consultant, has written a guide entitled, “Building Your Reputation and Authority by Interviewing Influencers.”

Saunders believes there is a quick and easy way to build reputation in business. The answer, he claims, is to tap into the powerful reputations of well-known experts in your market. He suggests doing this by interviewing industry influencers — those people that a target market listens to on a regular basis and go to for advice. Following the simple steps in his course can help marketers everywhere rapidly expand their reputations as trustworthy leaders in the industry.

The course is broken up into six modules: learning how influencers can boost business, identifying and connecting with key influencers, securing and preparing for interviews, essential steps to take in order to maximize the influencer interview process, how to become the influencer interviewee and then creating an action plan.

In his course, Saunders gives a step-by-step interview process that makes it easy to find, connect with and interview the right influencers who can have the biggest impact on reputation and credibility. In addition, the course provides graphics and tools to help put the strategy into action.

Saunders couldn’t be more excited about the release of his course. He says, “In ‘Building Your Reputation and Authority by Interviewing Influencers,’ I’ll walk you through a simple process for using interviews with influencers to build your own reputation and grow your business. Following the simple steps in my course will help you rapidly expand your reputation as a person your market can trust and go to for information. As you start conducting regular interviews with influencers, you’ll quickly see your reputation spread, your list of projects grow, and your customer conversions skyrocket.”

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