New York Immigration Law Firm Gordon Law, P.C. Helps Newcomers Become Citizens

Published on February 8, 2019

New York Immigration Law Firm Gordon Law, P.C. Helps Newcomers Become Citizens

Recently, the USCIS stated that any individual who is not yet a U.S. Citizen or legal permanent resident and who applies for a certain benefits and submits an application for an extension or change of status, a green card, or citizenship, will be face deportation if that benefit is not approved.

Prior to the recent shift in policy, it was necessary to have been convicted of a crime in order to be fast-tracked for deportation but, this in no longer the case. Under the newly adopted policy, an individual can face deportation if they lose their petition for a visa extension, if the person has been charged with a crime, or if the person has performed act that may be considered criminal by the Department of Homeland Security (even if the person was never arrested or charged).

Gordon Law, P.C. – NYC Immigration Attorney division has experienced and knowledgeable lawyers that focus their practice on immigration laws, their benefits and consequences and provide personalized services for residents of Manhattan and the New York City metropolitan area for immigrants and undocumented individuals who are in fear of or are facing actual removal from the United States. Their law firm works tirelessly to assist their clients achieve their dreams of obtaining green cards or becoming U.S. citizens without getting entangled in the complex web of constantly changing immigration policies and laws.

The law firm’s of counsel immigration attorneys and lawyers provide comprehensive services and represent their clients with compassion, integrity, honesty, knowledge and experience they have acquired by working on all types of immigration matters and issues such as green card applications, spousal, family and marriage visas, naturalization and citizenship, extreme hardship waivers, K-1 fiance visas, deportation defense, deferred action for childhood arrivals, temporary work visas, H1b and employment visas, document review and compliance.

The NYC immigration lawyers at Gordon Law are well aware of the fact that understanding the immigration process and the related complications are extremely trying and difficult for immigrants, their families and employers and that they often find the path to citizenship complicated, confusing and unnerving.

We’re focused on delivering high-quality legal assistance by providing sustainable solutions to immigrants, allowing them to deal with the complex immigration process of the US” says the spokesperson for the Gordon Law, P.C. – NYC Immigration Attorney division. The spokesperson also said: “At the New York Lawyers Team, our attorneys are dedicated and strive to provide the best possible representation available to immigrants looking for legal assistance. Whether an individual needs assistance with a green card, visa, naturalization or deportation defense, our immigration lawyers in New York City can be trusted to provide top notch representation on our client’s case and will focus on achieving the best possible outcome available. From the free initial consultation to the resolution of the case, our immigration lawyers and attorneys can be trusted use their experience, knowledge, drive and best efforts to obtain optimal results.”

If a person is considering hiring a legal counsel to help out with an immigration problem, the individual should seriously consider an attorney whose primary practice is focused on immigration law. For an in-depth analysis of immigration issues and to be represented properly, a specialized immigration lawyer is a must.

The team at the Gordon Law, P.C. – NYC Immigration Attorney division can handle any and all legal matters concerning immigration. Some of these include family immigrant visas, employment visas, deportation cases, detention cases, special petitions, assignments in immigration and more.

For inquiries and legal consultations, Gordon Law, P.C. – NYC Immigration Lawyer can be contacted at their office located at 246 W 38th Street Suite 800 New York, NY 10018 or by reaching out via phone at (332) 225-1900. Online inquiries can be made via email at or by visiting the law office’s website at

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