NexGen Announce Future Of Heating With Healthy Heating Revolution

Published on September 18, 2018

Heating experts NexGen Heating have revolutionised the heating industry with their low cost and health-boosting graphene and graphite based Far Infrared Ray technology.

A revolutionary heating solution has been announced by NexGen Heating Ltd as the future of heating worldwide. Scientifically proven to improve both general health and chronic pain, the UK based company has introduced a ground-breaking heating technology to the market.

The alternative heating system is created through NexGen’s nanotechnology Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology, which is designed to enhance the comfort of living with the purification system not found in conventional gas radiators or electric heaters. The new technology offers a unique and cost-effective heating solution to offices and homes worldwide.

The graphene and graphite heating films designed and manufactured by NexGen Heating are championed as the most efficient intelligent control systems available. While unobtrusive to install in addition to the economic, safe and comfort benefits, the ultra-thin heating foils lay beneath existing floors, in ceilings or on walls without the electrical expertise to install.

Graphene-based inks print on NexGen’s film which is then laminated and coated with a fleece that can be painted. Despite all these different processes, Nexgen Heating films are only 0.5mm thick.  The unbeatable subtle heating solution allows home and office owners to regain space lost to old-fashioned radiators and heating systems. Offering vast space maximisation to even the smallest of rooms, the film can be powered from just  12 to 48 volt AC/DC operation with a heating coverage of over 95% per square metre.

The key ingredient, graphene, is known to conduct heat 10 times faster than its common competitor, copper. The revolutionary metal requires a micro voltage without compromising safety or longevity. At room temperature, graphene can warm up faster than any other substance.

NexGen Heating CEO, Clive Osborne, has over 30 years experience within manufacturing. Osborne says, “NexGen Heating isn’t what you think it is. Traditional heating is just hot air and people believe heat rises. Heat does not rise, hot air rises as it simply becomes less dense when hot. So you heat the space above you first thus radiators and convection heaters are inefficient and costly, air is a terrible conductor.” The energy expert continues, “We chose to heat mass and not hot air which increases efficiency. Approximately 44% of British adults suffer from allergies. A convection heating cycle leads the whole room being heated and unfortunately for allergy sufferers, irritants can also be transported around the room during this sequence, which then leads to allergic reactions. We believe NexGen have created the future of heating worldwide.”

The health benefits are most apparent in the older generation and those who are physically disabled. In an experiment concerning forty patients suffering chronic pain, those who were treated with FIR therapy as opposed to a placebo experienced 57% less pain with no adverse side effects.

Far Infrared Rays are known for their wound healing capabilities, through greater collagen regeneration and fibroblast infiltration proven to lower healing duration. FIR has also been proven to improve a stabilised blood circulation, increased regulation of high blood pressure, act as an antibody to common colds and fatigue and combat sinus infections. FIR can also reduce pain and inflammation in the dorsal region such as bronchitis and asthma, lower pain caused by rheumatoid diseases and arthritis, decrease cellulite and cut fat absorption.  

NexGen Heating is a ground-breaking radiant heating technology providing a unique and cost-effective heating solution for homes and offices around the world. NexGen technology warms you using a radiant Far Infrared (FIR) technology rather than conventional boiler based radiators and other fan-based air heaters.

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