Nigeria Is One Of The Strongest Economies In The World & Is Ranked As The 27th Largest Economy In The Global Community In Terms Of Nominal GDP & Is The 22nd Largest In Terms Of Purchasing Power Parity

Published on August 12, 2019

There is a growing movement among Royals to continue to restore, increase, and expand the community of the economically empowered in their kingdoms. "Economic Emancipation Empowerment Movement" For The Promise Land.

One of the visionary Kings who is on the frontline of the economic emancipation movement is His Royal Majesty Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi, Torungbuwa II The Akarigbo & Paramount Ruler of Remo Kingdom. He is the Chief Host of the Economic Emancipation Empowerment Movement Delegation traveling to Nigeria this week. The Remo Growth & Development Foundation which His Majesty set up, is mobilizing the natural resources, industry opportunities to maximize the individual, collective economic benefits that can be realized from the trade barriers being removed throughout the African continent.

His Majesty, The King of Remo, points to the historical fact that Royal Ancestors laid strong foundations which were buried and forgotten, in the advent of the Colonization of Africa. But he is determined to unearth the oftentimes hidden glory of The Monarchs & Royals, to inspire a stronger tomorrow.

According to Dr. Deborah Bartlett, Chairman & Founder of The CEO Network, Chairman & Visionary Economic Emancipation & Empowerment Movement EEEM, “The Economic Emancipation Empowerment” team will have audiences with highly successful business and entrepreneurial leaders of the Remo Growth & Development Foundation in the Remo Kingdom, with the goal to identify and create bilateral trade and investment opportunities.”

One of the key participants from the EEEM team is Mr. Arthur Jay Lewis, Chairman & Executive Trustee of Active Capital Holdings LLC from the USA; He is a firm believer in exploring the potential bi-lateral trade &investment opportunities within The Remo Kingdom, Nigeria, and the African continent. Active Capital Holdings LLC specializes in Corporate & Government Financing, Trust & Private Financing, Banking for various types of Business Projects & Investment Programs.

The removal of the trade barriers in the continent is expected to facilitate rapid economic growth. It has been forecasted that in in the future, the African continent will become over a 6 trillion-dollar economy.

HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin, Co-Chair/Royal Trustee & Member EEEM, Member RemoGDF adds, “No one can tell the story of a place or a people, one must have sat where they sat, understand their circumstances, felt their pains, shared their struggles, witnesses their joys & celebrated their achievements, to claim to be an expert in what concerns them.”

“There are stories to be shared, apologies to be made, bridges to be built & relationships to be formed, between Africa & her Children in the Diaspora. Our Monarch HRM Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi, Torungbuwa II alongside the Governing Council & members of Remo Growth and Development Foundation are setting the pace by opening the gates of Remo Kingdom, to warmly welcome Delegates of the Economic Emancipation & Empowerment Movement EEEM at this first of its kind annual visit.”

“The 20th August 1619 marks the exact date that the first Slave Ship ‘MAN OF WAR’ left the GOLD COAST (now known as Ghana) in West Africa, to arrive in JAMESTOWN in North America.”

“As we Launch the EEM in the Remo Kingdom in the presence of the Yoruba Monarchs and other Royals in attendance. The EEM Delegation proposes that the month of August is observed Annually as Economic Emancipation Month globally. It is hoped the Monarchs of The Remo Kingdom and the entire African Continent will give their Royal Blessings, by Declaring August as that special Economic Emancipation Month.”

HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin said, “As the Grand Daughter of HRM Oba W C Adedoyin, Anoko II the late Akarigbo & Paramount Ruler of Remo Kingdom, it is a great Joy & Honor for me to be an integral part of this Phenomenal Vision & Movement. As we straddle the Platforms of both Remo Growth and Development Foundation and the Economic Emancipation & Empowerment Movement, to enhance the Inventive, Innovative & Exceptionally Creative Talents of our people in Remo Kingdom & Nigeria by extension; in Strategic Partnership with the Intellectual Property Skills of our Brothers & Sisters in the African Diaspora.”

“We want to thank our Beloved Monarch and Chief Host HRM Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi, Torungbuwa II The Akarigbo & Paramount Ruler of Remo Kingdom; also HRH Otunba Tunji Lawal-Solarin Chairman of RemoGDF, alongside Officials of the Governing Council.”

The Directorate & Members of the Foundation and The Chair of EEEM, Dr. Deborah Bartlett and Co-Chair EEEM HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin would jointly like to acknowledge the support of the other Royals & Eminent Personalities both in the Remo Kingdom & the Diaspora who have been an integral part of the Project.

• Otunba Dr. Lai Soile – Co-Chair RemoGDF UK
• Otunba Tony Osibodu – Co-Chair RemoGDF UK
• Mr. Sammy Ogunjimi – Liaison Officer RemoGDF
• HRH Princess Yemisi Oluwole – COO RemoGDF
• HRH Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana – Royal Member EEEM
• HRH Princess Toyin Onagoruwa – Royal Member EEEM
• HRH Princess Angelique Ademiposi Monét – Royal Member EEEM
• Hon Ernest A Omovbude – Bodycast Consultant/Artistic Director & Member EEEM
• Sir Joe Madu – Co-Chair EEEM
• Mr. Tom Chesser – PR Consultant to EEEM
• Ms. Oleathia “Butta” Robinson – Performing Artist & Member EEEM – Who wrote the theme song “Promise Land.”

“We are looking forward to what promises to be a Cultural, Traditional & Spiritual Home-Coming, as well as an opening for Business, Trade & Investment Opportunities.”

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