Nordica Launches Its In-House Home Staging & Styling Service in Marbella – Nueva Andalucia

Published on March 30, 2016

Nordica Sales & Rentals, one of Marbella´s premier real estate agencies have launched a new in-house home staging service under the brand name of “Nordica Home Styling” in Nueva Andalucia, on the Costa del Sol

Building on over 25 years of experience of buying, selling and renting property in the Marbella & Nueva Andalucia area, Nordica have long realized the importance that presentation plays in selling a property.

In order to appeal to the broadest possible range of buyers a property needs to be presented in a manner that allows the buyer to effortlessly feel that a property is the perfect match for their needs.

Badly maintained and unclean properties, cluttered with personal items and with old and badly worn furniture are the most obvious culprits, as many buyers are simply unable to visualize how they themselves could live in the property, without spending a great deal on reforms, renovations and repairs.

Commonly known as house doctoring, home staging goes far beyond a simple clean-up of a property and renewing the furniture.  The key is firstly to consider the property as a whole and refurnish and restyle it so that its qualities are highlighted and its weaker points dissimulated. The best use needs to be made of the existing space, furnishings should enhance the feeling of space rather than detract from it, colours should allow buyers to visualize themselves in property rather than limiting its appeal.

As Anna-Lena Rosen at Nordica explains “the benefits of a properly staged home are not mere theory, but a reality that we have proven to ourselves time and time again. As an example we took a property that had been on the market for over a year and styled it for the owner. Within one week the property had been sold, and at full asking price”.

Up until now Nordica has relied on third party services to provide the expertise, the materials and furnishings for their home styling projects, which led to a lack of continuity in the service they could provide.

In order to provide a consistent, reliable and expert service to their clients Nordica have now opened their own in-house home styling service in Marbella.

Headed by May Diaz, the home styling team at Nordica offer a complete home-staging service in the Nueva Andalucia & Marbella area.

With over 25 years’ experience in buying, selling and renting property in Marbella the team at Nordica know exactly what sells and what does not. By combining their know-how with May Diaz´s 20 years’ experience in interior design and furnishings you can be sure that a home will not only be styled for beauty and elegance, but to sell.

Nordica have a range of home styling & doctoring options available for all budgets. Sellers can choose simply to rent a home staging package on a monthly basis until their home is sold, or, alternatively can purchase a complete package. For owners currently considering selling their property Nordica also offer one package per month worth €5,000 if the property is listed with Nordica on an exclusive basis. For more information on home styling packages clicking here.

All options allow owners to take advantage of a beautifully styled home whilst they are in the process of selling it.

To ensure the most reliable and efficient service, furnishings & materials are all carefully hand-picked by Nordica. Furthermore, many items are stored at their warehouse in Marbella to ensure quick and efficient delivery.

For more information on styling or staging your Marbella or Nueva Andalucia home for sale or rental please contact the team at Nordica by email: or by telephone + 34 952 811 553.

Alternatively please visit their website

Company Name: Nordica Sales & Rentals
Contact Person: Anna Lena Rosen
Phone: +34952811552
Country: Spain