Nordica Sales & Rentals in Nueva Andalucia Launches Property Rental Alerts For Holiday and Long Term Lets in Marbella

Published on February 4, 2016

Nordica Sales & Rentals, one of the longest established real estate agents in Nueva Andalucia, have launched their new property rental alerts system for people looking to rent a long term or holiday villa, apartment, townhouse or penthouse.
The rental property alerts system follows hot on the heels of the highly successful sales property alerts system, launched by Nordica in 2015, that allows a customer to be alerted every time a property is listed for sale that matches their selected criteria.
With Nueva Andalucia and Marbella becoming ever more the go-to destination for holidaymakers, as well as long term residents, the available supply of quality properties on the rental market has become extremely limited and people are increasingly finding it difficult to find the property that suits them perfectly.
However, the market is dynamic and on a regular basis new properties become available. The problem for someone looking for a property is that they simply do not have to time to search on a daily basis to see if a new property has become available, but if they don’t they risk missing out on their perfect property.
This is where the property rental alerts system comes into play.
On the Nordica website there is a simple form to complete where the customer can select the type of property that they are looking for, such as a villa, apartment, townhouse, penthouse, garden apartment or duplex; the number of bedrooms and whether they are looking for a long term rental or a short term holiday let.
Click here to see the form in action for luxury holiday villa rentals in Nueva Andalucia & Marbella.
For more information on holiday rentals with Nordica click here.
As soon as the form is submitted the customer will receive by email a list of the current properties in the Nordica database that match the criteria that they have selected; however, on an ongoing basis, as soon as a new property is listed that matches their criteria they will receive an email advising them, giving them the opportunity to review it and, if the property suits them, to reserve it before it is rented out.
Of course, if at any time the customer decides that they no longer wish to receive alerts, it is simple to unsubscribe using a link in each of the emails that allows them to unsubscribe from the alerts with one click of a button.
As Anna-Lena, owner of Nordica Sales & Rentals points out “Marbella is extremely popular at the moment, both for long term rentals as well as holiday rentals and good properties are in short supply –  once an attractive property comes onto the market it is rented out within a very short time.  Whilst we do our very best to personally keep our customers up-to-date and will continue to do so, with this new system of rentals alerts our customers can also proactively stay on top of the market, being advised automatically of new properties to match the criteria that they have chosen and also avoid being bombarded by hundreds of emails listing properties that are simply not suitable for them”.
A further advantage of subscribing to the rentals property alerts system is that the customer will be only receiving alerts for properties that have been pre-screened by Nordica.  With more than 30 years in letting properties both short term and long term in Nueva Andalucia and a full team of maintenance and support staff, Nordica have the experience and market knowledge to recognize properties that are suitable for rental and those that will only lead to disappointment and, of course, only properties that meet their exacting standards are listed on the Nordica website.
For more information about holiday and long term rentals of luxury villas, apartments and townhouses in the Nueva Andalucia and Marbella area please do not hesitate to contact one of the team at Nordica on + 34 952 811 552, by email or visit their headquarters located in Centro Lorcrigolf on the  Avenida del Prado, in the heart of Nueva Andalucia or one of their offices located in either La Dama de Noche Urbanization or in Avenida Manolete, opposite the Centro Plaza Shopping Centre.
Alternatively please visit their website

Company Name: Nordica Sales & Rentals
Contact Person: Anna Lena Rosen
Phone: +34 952 811 552
Country: Spain