On CNN – Joshua B Lee’s Work with Online Educators Covered

On CNN – Joshua B Lee’s Work with Online Educators Covered

Joshua B. Lee, co-founder of Stand Out Authority, was just featured in a story on CNN about online education trends and helping educators use technology to better reach students.

Joshua B. Lee, co-founder of Stand Out Authority, was just featured in a story on CNN for the work he’s doing to help educators. Joshua could see the surging trend in online education so decided to do something about it.

He’s one of the partners in an online education program called ‘I Can Teach My Teen Business’ which teaches Entrepreneurial inclined teens. The educational material has been created in the form of 11 modules. The training is delivered via short videos. They are geared to teach the teen how to be an entrepreneur who successfully starts and runs their own business.

Joshua also helps educators get online and share their knowledge.

Lee says, “I’m passionate about helping educators share their knowledge in an effective way. Adidas just opened up their cool, new corporate online learning center. It offers videos and PDFs. But it focuses on where 80% of people learn…via informal settings by doing. And it also helps people inside the company find company mentors. I’ve long favored this strategy for learning. I help improve the world through education by helping teens be entrepreneurs and solving technology hurdles for knowledge sharers.”

Joshua and his business partner, Clint Evans, also mentor, coach and speak to young entrepreneurs.

Adidas spent millions of dollars of research to design their education program. The Stand Out Authority co-founders want to offer that same effective educational program design to entrepreneurial teens. This gives entrepreneurial teens a better chance to succeed.

Clint Evans, a standout authority leader, says “The CNN story got way more traction than we anticipated. The story’s already gotten 35 shares and been picked up by a number of other sites. Because of the story, Joshua was approached by two other Austin business leaders to talk about the online education project. We’re excited about the growth possibilities.”

Way back in a Forbes article in 2000 world-renowned leadership and management trainer Peter Drucker said, “I believe that the U.S. now spends around $1 trillion on education and training. This number will increase rapidly, but the growth won’t be in traditional schools…The growth will be in continuing adult education.”

Time has proven Drucker’s comment correct. This online education trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s picking up steam with more corporate and public support.

To learn more about Joshua Lee look him up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/joshuablee78. To learn how the Stand Out Authority team helps experts reach their students go to http://www.standoutauthority.com/about-us/

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