Online Marketing Strategist Connie Ragen Green Launches Series of Online Training Courses

Published on October 30, 2016

Learning how to become a successful online entrepreneur can be a long and arduous process. Connie Ragen Green's new series of courses shortens this learning curve and teaches you how to get started quickly in a variety of areas.

Online marketing strategist and trainer Connie Ragen Green announces a new line of training courses in her “Really Simple” series. Topics include list building for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing, marketing with email, content creation and marketing, podcasting, creating online courses, setting up and building membership sites, and publishing of information products.

Green says, “I began creating the ‘Really Simple’ line of online training courses as a way to share my vast experience in these areas with my current students, and then expanded it to include other online entrepreneurs who wished to learn and implement these concepts. The results have been overwhelming as people from around the world join in for the training.”

With over a decade of experience in refining and implementing these strategies, Connie is uniquely qualified to teach online entrepreneurs how to get started and grow their businesses with these topics.

While virtual learning is not a new concept, Connie Ragen Green has taken it to a new level with her “Really Simple” series. Using her own online business as a model and case study, each training course in the series takes the student from basic strategies through more advanced methods and techniques. Connie pulls back the curtain to explain in great detail what is working today in the world of online marketing.

Green adds, “I am grateful for the opportunity to teach in this way, sharing exactly what works and what does not work for each topic. Having direct access to someone who is currently working online is a huge benefit if you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur.”

“Furthermore,” Green says, “I believe this is an excellent time to hone your skills and start an online business where you may share your knowledge and experience with others. My series of training courses explains exactly how to do this, giving you the basis and foundation of online entrepreneurship to catapult you to success. Learning and teaching virtually is the piece of the puzzle that brings it all together.”

Each course in the series is first taught live, and then added to the member’s area for home study. Both the replays of the original webinars and the audio mp 3 replays are included, in addition to any handouts, study guides, and checklists. This first live training is referred to as “Season One” of the course, and is then followed by a live “Season Two” training a few months later. This allows students the time and space to go through the materials and trainings at their own pace by time-shifting their learning schedule.

Each training course in the “Really Simple” series stands on its own. Students choose which topics are of interest to them and then register for the ones they want and need at the time. Membership in each course is for a two-year period, as Connie has found this to be the optimal time for learning and implementing the course materials.

For those wishing to have further guidance and mentoring with Connie, she offers her Online Marketing Incubator program. This includes access to all of her courses, products, and programs, one-on-one mentoring calls, a group membership area to connect with other students, and admission to her live Workshops and Retreats offered several times each year.

Connie Ragen Green is the author of more than a dozen bestselling books on various aspects of entrepreneurship, an international speaker, and creator and publisher of more than fifty information products. She has been online since 2006 and continues to work with entrepreneurs on six continents to help them build the business that suits their lifestyle design goals.

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