Online Paid Traffic Expert Chad Hamzeh Interviewed On Influencers Radio Show

Online Paid Traffic Expert Chad Hamzeh Interviewed On Influencers Radio Show

Chad Hamzeh, Founder & Media Director DSV2 Media and the creator of Traffic Black Book, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show discussing how he uses paid online traffic to help businesses scale up to increase sales quickly.

Online traffic expert Chad Hamzeh was recently the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. They discussed the unique strategies Hamzeh and his company, DSV2 Media, have developed for acquiring new online customers and sales for businesses along with the differences and advantages over traditional media marketing.

Hamzeh works with companies that have high quality products and are prepared to not only take on a surge in online traffic but also ready to fulfill the sales that can be generated in a relatively short period of time.

Pointing out that these companies need to be fully set up for a potential massive increase in sales when they use his services, Hamzeh states, “Sometimes we’ll have someone that will tell us to send as much traffic as we can. And then we’ll actually send that traffic. And a week later, they say they’re blowing through the inventory too fast and they need us to pull back on that traffic. So you definitely need to have your infrastructure in place in case it does blow up in sales. You’ve got to be ready for that.”

He discusses the importance of having a quality offer that will convert into sales in order to optimize the results he can provide with online traffic. Traffic sent to a poor product offer will result in poor sales, no matter the high quality or quantity of traffic that is sent.

According to Hamzeh, there is traffic everywhere. He shares, “One tip I usually like to give people is to stop thinking of generating traffic. The traffic is already out there. You’re not going to generate it. You’re going to redirect it. At the end of the day, you’re just taking traffic that’s already available and sending it to your offer.”

Hamzeh makes “redirecting” traffic sound simple but many who do not know how to do it effectively have suffered catastrophic financial consequences when the ad spending runs away and there are poor sales results. Hamzeh has the data and experience to know when an offer might not produce results. Furthermore, he has the ability to slow down or shut down an offer that’s not producing before the cost gets too high.

His abilities to evaluate an offer and the knowledge to target the ads and purchase the traffic from appropriate sites not only makes his clients money, but saves them money as well. Hamzeh is in the business of producing profitability and is an expert in doing just that.

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