Pacific Neuro Therapy Helps Athletes and Active Adults Become Pain Free in 10 Days

Published on March 30, 2016

Utilizing a proprietary technology once only available to professional athletes, the Oregon-based team at Pacific Neuro Therapy drastically reduces recovery time after injury or surgery and can eliminate years of chronic pain.

Former NFL player and founder of Pacific Neuro Therapy Jeron Mastrud believes no one deserves to live in pain. It was during his time in professional football—playing Tight End for the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders from 2010-2014—that Jeron first encountered the revolutionary treatment used at PNT while addressing his own injuries, and he experienced great success.

Having experienced great results firsthand with this accelerated recovery program, Jeron wanted to bring the exclusive treatment technology home to the people of Oregon. He founded Pacific Neuro Therapy with the community’s best interests in mind, and the professionals behind PNT have had the opportunity to facilitate the recovery of a variety of injuries due to sports-related mishaps and everyday life. From a 10-year-old competitive gymnast, to NFL athletes, to a 75-year-old Vietnam vet, anyone can benefit from the proprietary recovery technology offered at Pacific Neuro Therapy.

“We are a revolutionary solution to sports injuries, chronic pain and surgery rehabilitation. Our core values revolve around the belief that pain and injury should not become a hindrance to anyone wanting to reach their goals in life or enjoy the activities they love,” Mastrud explains.

The professionals at Pacific Neuro Therapy help individuals rise from the pain and injuries they’ve experienced by finding the origin of the pain—which often takes under a minute—and treating the injury by retraining the muscles to function properly and absorb impact. While the majority of traditional treatments focus on the symptom of the injury, PNT’s approaches starts with locating and re-training the root cause of the injury stopping the pain at its source and often providing immediate relief. PNT professionals work to retrain the body to function normally, by rapidly building strength and stamina, so that patients are stronger and more confident when returning to a once painful activity.

“The goal is to end pain and feel great in 10 days or less,” states Mastrud.

All of this is achieved in an environment that revolves around the needs of the patient. One of the driving goals of PNT is to get results in an efficient manner—that means that every session complete in 30 minutes or less.

“People are busy, and we respect their time. If your appointment is at 2:00 pm, you’ll be beginning your session with someone at 2:00 pm. It’s all about the customer experience and becoming pain free,” states Mastrud.

Pacific Neuro Therapy provides focused attention and one-on-one experiences, understanding that every injury or chronic condition is unique to the patient. They work diligently to discover the source of the pain right away and create an informed plan for moving forward.

Mastrud adds, “With many traditional treatments there is no definitive path on when you will pain free. Sometimes, it’s just a wait and see process. At PNT, you will have a schedule of when exactly you will return to activity and when you will be pain free.”

The professionals at Pacific Neuro Therapy invite the public to take the initiative and experience how PNT can be a life-changing solution to injury, chronic pain, and surgery recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about Pacific Neuro Therapy, please visit or call their office at 503-941-0232.

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