Pamela Bartlett Naperville IL Featured as Small Business Trendsetter

Pamela Bartlett Naperville IL Featured as Small Business Trendsetter

Naperville, IL USA – Pamela Bartlett, small business owner, was recently featured in Small Business Trendsetters Magazine. Pinot’s Palette, Paint and Sip Studio is vibrant and thriving in downtown Naperville IL,  a suburb of Chicago.

As reports continue to put an emphasis on a down economy on the contrary, some bright spots within the local small business communities are still holding their own.

Bartlett opened the doors of Pinot’s Palette December 2013 and has been a success from the start.

Pinot’s Palette is an upscale franchise that offered a great concept combination of art, drinks and entertainment with step-by-step painting lessons. The franchise offers an advanced on-line management system, along with a marketing system and a corporate support team.

For Bartlett a franchise was much better than trying to build a new business from scratch. Clearly a franchise was the right business model for her, now she’s entering into the second half of the year successfully. She says for those thinking about starting a business venture; if possible, choose something that connects to a passion so “it’s a joy to go to work”.

Bartlett loves art and people so starting a business that incorporates art and entertainment was visibly the right path to take. Pinot’s Palette continues growing and adding more varieties of art lessons for clients to try their hand at.

The word is getting out so not only are Naperville locals coming out, others visiting from Chicago apparently find the 45 minute drive to the suburbs worth it.

Friday night’s painting lesson offers the painting “Keys to the City” filling the atmosphere with the music of Chicago Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Rock-n-roll while painting a personal masterpiece.

Bartlett hires friendly local artists as the instructors that love what they do. The report claims Pinot’s Palette is a nice stop while “painting the town” for a date or any occasion and offers a room for private parties and a kid’s summer camp as well.

One patron was quoted as saying; “Pinot’s Palette is like Disneyland for adults because it feels like the happiest place on Earth”. Bartlett says “what better business to be in where the atmosphere is filled with fun watching people start out with a blank canvas, some paint, a brush, a glass of wine then ending up with a wonderful work of art.”

For more information contact Pamela Bartlett through her website at:

Name: Pamela Bartlett
Organization: Pinot’s Palette   
Phone: 331-457-5440