Patrick V. Valtin Reaches Top of Bestsellers Lists with His Book, Taking Off the Mask

Published on December 3, 2020

Best-selling author Patrick V. Valtin, CEO/President of Hirebox International, writer, management coach, and trainer, became a #1 best-selling author with his book, Taking Off the Mask, which was recently relaunched. The book became a best-seller in multiple categories in the US and other countries.

Taking Off the Mask – How to Avoid Hiring Dishonest Employees Who Could Ruin Your Business launched om December 1, 2020. It became a #1 best-seller in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and a bestseller in the United Kingdom. The book was a sales leader in categories including “Human Resources & Personnel,” “Business & Investing,” “Labor & Employment Law,” “Business Life,” “Law Ethics & Professional Responsibility,” “Business Ethics,” “Business Management,” and more.

“I’m very honored and humbled by the book’s success,” said Patrick Valtin, CEO and owner of HireBox. “Especially now, with the pandemic going on, employers need to be aware of the pitfalls in hiring employees and how to resolve the problem of sorting the good from the bad ones. I’m glad the book has been so well received because I see this issue wrecking businesses.” 

Bringing in dishonest, ill-intended, or criminal people could be devastating for any business, especially during the pandemic period where job seekers’ mentality and faith in the future have dramatically been transformed.

According to statistics, employee theft accounts for one out of three bankruptcies, and small businesses are a primary target for fraud. How do managers select honest, loyal, and dedicated people, knowing that 78% of resumes are misleading and 81% of applicants lie during the recruitment interview? This book is a unique, practical, and revealing guide on talent acquisition that provides insights that could save your business.

“The success and expansion of your business depend on surrounding yourself with the right people,” says Valtin, “and this book is about making sure you surround yourself with the right people and you don’t hire people who could destroy your business. Be sure, when you hire someone, that you don’t hire the mask.”

Patrick Valtin has extensive knowledge about how to test candidates to discover if they should be hired. “Most business owners hire based on hard skills—technical competence—and don’t pay enough attention to soft skills—communication, honesty, willingness, and team spirit,” Valtin explains. “It’s been proven that 89% of failures in hiring are due to a lack of soft skills. These are difficult to detect in a one- or two-hour interview. Also, there are things you can do to not hire ill-intended or criminal people. Background checks aren’t sufficient, because 92% of employee crimes are never reported. This short book, which takes less than an hour to read, will give you guidelines and tips about how to avoid problematic hires.”

Taking Off the Mask: How to Avoid Hiring Dishonest Employees Who Could Ruin Your Business is available at

About Patrick V. Valtin

Patrick is the CEO and President of HireBox International as well as a keynote speaker, writer, management coach, and trainer. He’s trained over 140,000 people in the areas of personnel selection, people management, sales, sales management, marketing, organization, and leadership.

Patrick is also the founder and Chairman of U-Man, one of the biggest consulting and training firms in Europe, and is a founding member of the Advisory Board for the Hubbard College of Administration International in Los Angeles. HireBox ( is an exclusive, pre-hire assessment online platform that precisely evaluates applicants’ job-related soft skills. In the last 27 years, assessments now available on have been used by 5,230 clients to evaluate over 25,000 applicants from all industries.

Valtin’s customers and seminar attendees include the USPS, Ford Motors, GM Motors, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, Motorola, AIG, IBM, Re/Max, Century 21, ATT Canon, France Telecom, Hotels Accor, and Coca Cola, etc. just to name a few.

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